Обновился MD-80 от RotateSim

Обновился MD-80 от RotateSim

21.03.2017 0 Автор Yofich

Обнову забираем в личном кабинете на орге. Желающим приобрести модель доступна здесь за $59,95

Список обновлений ниже

Version 1.30 (March 20th 2017)

X Plane 11 beta compatible (not full support until X Plane 11 goes final).
Custom LNAV guidance.
Compatibility with ARINC424 instructions.
CDU HOLD page with PPOS capability.
Complete HOLD functionality with entry pattern calculation.
Improved ND with curved transitions.
Improved VNAV predictions, time, fuel, ToC, ToD.
More accurate, wp to wp VNAV.
CDU PROG pages with pilot selectable waypoint.
Improved FGCP ALT logic.
Navigation Display marker for FGCP ALT.
Navigation Display and CDU MAG/TRU operation.
CDU RTE DATA page added.
New fuel burn logic, now accounting for APU, AC and Anti-Ice bleed.
Improved PERF page, now BURN SCHED N or A and calculated remaining fuel.
Sound set reworked.
Added CLB DIR functionality.
Added DES DIR functionality.
Added commands to FGCP ALT knob.
Fuel heat is now simulated.
Improved fuel pump logic, with feed by gravity at low altitude.
Fuel crossfeed valve is now operative.
Updated engines to JT8D-219.
Bank limit is now FMS driven in NAV mode.
CLR key timer for scratchpad clear function.
Pitch FD indication bar corrected in TO and GA.
Solved bug related to CDU paging.
Airfoil and Tail heat logic and annunciators now working as expected.
Complete engine fire detection and extinguishing simulation.
Brake Temperature indicator and test.
Custom Auto Brake System.
Overhead tests: Fire, GPWS, Windshear, Flight Recorder, Voice recorder.
Other overhead systems: CSD, IRS-2, Ground Service Bus, Audio panel, Fuel Heat …
EOAP new alerts. The messages are now ordered correctly as they are triggered.
Added OAP annunciators.
Hydraulic system improved.
Flight surfaces’s hydraulic dependencies and Rudder Travel functionality.
Brakes and reversers hydraulic dependencies. Accumulators are now simulated.
Other texture and light improvements.
Mousewheel support for X-Plane 10.50+

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