A320-X v193 update

 Вроде как снизили потребление памяти, типа качайте новую версию. Много букаф по этому поводу под спойлером

Hello all,
As you may already be aware, we released the A320-X for P3D a couple days ago and the response was completely overwhelming! It was the single most successful release in the history of FSLabs and for this, we’d like to thank you all so very much!
We’ve been collecting a lot of feedback from you over the last 48 hours, some of which (thank you David!) was instrumental in carrying out additional memory footprint optimizations that our testers are very happy with, reporting back VAS savings that vary from 250mb up to 400mb. We are pleased to add that the memory optimization logic is also carried over to the FSX version so previous A320-X for FSX customers will also benefit from this update.
(Those of you running NVidia Profile Inspector can also go under «5. Common» and select «Shadercache» -> OFF to gain some more VAS).
Along with the memory optimizations, we have included a fix for the observed 20 second «crash to desktop» issue (the simulator was exiting with a validation error, but the error wasn’t being printed on the screen to inform you about it) and a fix for PFPX file output parsing as well.
We are also hoping that the spurious Enigma protection errors are eliminated and we are issuing an updated version of FSLSpotlights (v.32) to match this. We would welcome further feedback on this issue, however, as these errors are not easily reproducible on our end.
Finally, we’d like to inform you that we’re in contact with Navigraph and Aerosoft so that updates on the Navdata installers will be able to include the A320-X for P3D in their list of available aircraft, starting hopefully with the next cycle.
So, without further ado, please visit our Forum Downloads section for the updated FSLSpotlights (v32) and the Aircraft Redownload area at «redownload.flightsimlabs.com» to receive the new A320-X v193 update.
Thank you once again for your continued support!

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