Aerosoft  Airbus X Extended – 1.03

Aerosoft Airbus X Extended – 1.03

10.01.2013 3 Автор Alex_buka


Очередная версия арбуза от Aerosoft готова к скачиванию из личных кабинетов на simMarket или Aerosoft. Перед установкой удалите предыдущую при помощи стандартного инсталлера. Список изменений под катом. UPD: что-то накосячили с выкладкой, ждём новую попытку. UPD2: качаем!

– 1.03 Full new build
. Right MCDU/ Checklist changes
– Flight Control Checks: Tolerances for elevators, ailerons and rudder increased)
– Brake Checks Zero Pressure: Tolerance from 5 to 10% increased
– User States: Checklist functionality now also available with user states because checklist status saved with Saved User States
– Turn around: Misc . checklist fixes for new turn
– Cop TCAS Setting: Little bit faster in cockpit preparation CL
– Before TO CL: Fixed hanging CL Info
– Lights Off Problem during Climb: Fixed
– Please Release Parking Brake Ground Crew call with delayed Parking Brake Release: Fixed
– Init Descent Procedure: Fixed
– Landing Memo Check: Now all LDG Memo Items are checked
– Hotkey for Toggle Copilot On/Off: Now changed from key ‘3’ to ‘2’
– On/Off Switch for Checklist & Copilot Hotkeys: Added to CL Options
. ECAM fixes and enhancements
– ICING DETECTED less frequent
– Electrical Load (Amps etc) 0 at all times fixed
. Autopilot fixes and enhancements
– Revised behavior, Smoother Pitch
– Rewritten ALT Capture Smoother now.
– FD SRS improved.
– Reduced ATHR aggressiveness by a small bit.
– Fixed Asymmetry N1 in TOGA/MCT
– LOC Issues (360 Turns) in rare cases
– Stability improvement, Fix some CTD issues
– Solved Navdata reading issue causing multiple arrival trans missing and erronous lines.
– FBW Rotation rates at VR revised.
. Misc
– Left MCDU resolution increased with a minor FPS impact (1~2 FPS)
– Folder location for ini and logs is changed to solve Localization issues
– Added a small guide to help throttle setup.

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