AES – 2.20b

AES – 2.20b

17.12.2011 1 Автор Alex_buka

Недавно обновленная до версии 2.20 утилита от Aerosoft успела обновиться. Сегодня Оливер Пабст представил версию 2.20b, включающую в себя ранее вышедший FIX 1 и новый FIX2. Качаем из поста по ссылке, список исправлений под катом.

Changes in FIX 1:

All reported Bug should be fix, like:

– Double Objects, specially after using AESConfig
– Open doors or non retracted Pipeline at the Fueltruck after pressing F6
– Crossing vehicles
– Followme not stopping
– gray Wheels at Loader and Stairs
– Transparent lower side of the big stair
– Shadows in FS9 of the Cleaning vehicle

Also some finetuning in the vehicle process is done


What has changed with FIX 2:

This Fix includes all part of Fix 1, plus:

– Corrected and enhanced lights of the vehicles
– small corrections of the vehicle pathes
– some finetuning
.. and several things I just forget :)

The AES Menu at the gate has a new feature now:

Beside to wait, until the configured timeintervall of the services is over, you now can terminate each service manually:

When a service was requested and is active (A behind the F-Key), you can terminate the service by pressing again the related F-Key.
As far as possible, the service ends and the vehicles goes home.
The cleaning is a littlebit different: When the Water-Vehicle is still in place and you press F3 again, only this vehicle is terminating, when it’s gone the service is still active (A).
Then you can press F3 again to terminate the complete cleaning process.

All services will terminate automatically, when the timeinterval is over.

A small new feature is added to FSUIPC Version 4.751a or higher in FSX:

When you keep the FSX “Airport Vehicle Traffic” active, it will happen, that you have the FSX generated Vehicles beside the AES once.

Pete Dowson has added a function to the registered Version of FSUIPC 4.751a or higher, which you can get on Pete forum here
Beside the newest FSUIPC Version you need to have installed the Fix 2 for AES 2.20.

When you have both installed, FSUIPC will remove the FSX beltloader and the luggage trolley (the pushback will hopefully follow later) automatically at the active AES position.
At non AES airports they are still there and can be used.




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