Captain Sim – 757 CAPTAIN III  SP1.1 скоро

Captain Sim – 757 CAPTAIN III SP1.1 скоро

01.03.2018 0 Автор Aleksey

Капитаны сделали анонс по грядущему SP1.1 для своего 757 CAPTAIN III. Будет много вкусного и полезного. Самое главное это возможность запуска двигателей по Ctrl+E. 🙂 Как добьются стабильности этой версии в P3D V4, сделают версию для FSX.

To fix:
– VNAV descend PTH to SPD switch and the A/T response to the switch.
– The engine startup sound stutter.
– FMC “invalid entry” message for flaps 1.
– Proper engine rating on the CDU info page.
– A couple of issues which may cause CTD on some systems.
– To decrease the roll MOI.
– The reverse sleeve animation.
– The yoke shape.
– The yoke column height.

New features:
– The cockpit states real-time management via FMC.
– The 4-door configuration model (including the escape slides).
– Tutorial engine auto-start (Ctrl+E).
– An option to turn off the F/O’s CDU, ADI, HSI displays.
– ZFW on the Payload Page auto-update.
– An option to select less intense landing lights FX.
– Forward access door animation.
– E/E access door animation.
– External power hatch animation.
– Overflow valve animation.
– The main exit set to D2L.
– Separate selcall audio files for user customization.
– V1, Rotate, V2 callouts.
– Clickable VC CDU to call the 2D CDU panel.
– Brand new ACE.
– An option to select the new Scimitar winglets.

Also we got a few more things on the list.

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