Core Accu-Sim Update v.1.5.1

Core Accu-Sim Update v.1.5.1

01.12.2012 0 Автор Алексей

Обновление движка Accu-Sim до версии 1.5.1 от А2А. Апдейт затрагивает работу с крафтами  Spitfire, P-40, и P-51. Список обновлений и линк на скачивание под катом.

All Core Aircraft
– New accu-sim dll for improved performance and fixes some crashes reported on a small percentage of systems
– Offset contrail effect further back to avoid being seen in cockpit

P-51 Civilian
– Radio channels are saved only when changed
– Tweaked LCD background
– Ailerons are back in action for the AP
– Fixed ADF channels save
– ATC ID for the “Moonbeam”
– Sunken tail wheel fixed
– Aileron animation is Multiplayer compatible
– Specular effects reduced on the radio displays
– Missing texture for the guarded switches

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