FLY THE MADDOG X –  открытая бета 1.2b260

FLY THE MADDOG X – открытая бета 1.2b260

25.04.2018 0 Автор Aleksey

Началась программа открытой беты. Релиз FLY THE MADDOG X – 1.2b260 . Обновление берём на форуме поддержки. Конечно всё это дело доступно только зарегистрированным пользователям, для правильной регистрации не забываем указывать ту же почту что и при покупке “собаки”, иначе игнор.

CHANGELOG 1.2b260****FIXES****
– FDE: fine tuning of ground effect and idle taxi power.
– FDE: contact points tweak.
– FMS: ETA differences between leg page and prog page (EN ROUTE WPT).
– FMS: display of dntrk on ND when not intercepting leg.
– FMS: missing ‘NOT IN DATABASE’ message when LSKeing non-existing airway.
– FMS: pressing ‘ERASE’ after changing crz alt would not undo the change.
– FMS: wrong fix altitude calculation for certain descent/approaches.
– FMS: improved ‘OVRD’ logic.
– LOAD MANAGER: TrueGlass disabled when RealLight disabled.
– LOAD MANAGER: conflict of RealLight setting and FS2Crew setting.
– LOAD MANAGER: wrong calculation of TOI for limited wing fuel schedule.
– PANEL: engine spool-up speed decreased.
– PANEL: wrong range on ND CM2 WX image when both ND ON (AS WXRadar).
– PANEL: no radar image for range 80 or above (AS WXRadar).
– PANEL: CDU 2 not working with CDU Remote.
– PANEL: blurry breakers texture behind CM1 seat.
– PANEL: missing breakers flood light.
– PANEL: missing vc light .fx file in FSX installer.
– PANEL: wrong QNH in speed chart.
– PANEL: incomplete aircraft registration text in speed chart.
– PANEL: external wing view with vc in ‘wide’ mode.

– FMS: separated transition altitude / transition level.
– FMS: support for reading airport-based transition altitude/level from Navigraph Airac.
– FMS: LSKeing dntrk info (FIX page) will copy on scratchpad user wpt data.
– FMS: second FIX page.
– FMS: when configuring aircraft ‘Ready to Fly’ from add-on menu route and data are not reset.
– LOAD MANAGER: Load/Save of setup and configuration file.
– LOAD MANAGER: Load Manager checks online for new versions (manual download and install).

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