GSX – апдейт 1.9

GSX – апдейт 1.9

28.11.2014 19 Автор Alex_buka


Обновился GSX от FSDreamtteam, теперь в нём будет противообледенительная обработка и ещё несколько новых фишек, о которых прочитаете под катом. Для обновления качаем обновленный Addon Mananger отсюда и Vehicle Update за ноябрь отсюда.


  • De-icers added, will be selectable before Pushback if OAT < 4°C
  • The Airplane configuration editor has support for Deicers path points, to allow precise following of the wing surface for any airplane
  • Added a Straight Pushback option
  • Boarding/Deboarding passenger voices improved, with much better sound variety.
  • 3 New Pushback trucks models: A/S 32A-31A, TLD TMX-400, TPX-200-S
  • All Pushback trucks now have multiple liveries
  • Custom Pushback Nodes added in the Airport Customization page
  • Airport range, to fix issues with very small airports (helipads, seaplane bases) inside larger ones
  • Wingwalkers shows their company logo on their jacket
  • New operators added: GAT, Acciona, 2Serve, Aerdorica, Oman Air. Some operator logos have been redesigned in better quality
  • Better support for Leonardo SH Maddog
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