GSX – обновление 1.8

GSX – обновление 1.8

23.09.2013 13 Автор Alex_buka


Вышла обнова 1.8 на прекрасный аддон от FSDreamTeam. Список обновлений смотрите под катом, для обновления у вас есть три варианта:

  1. Когда запустите сим, тулза сама предложит обновиться, что вы ей собственно и позвольте.
  2. Запустите обновление вручную, нажав на “Check Live Update” в меню “Couatl powered products”
  3. Скачайте полный инсталлер отсюда.

FSDT is pleased to announce the release of GSX 1.8, which add a new type of vehicle, the Universal Lower Deck and Main Deck Loader, FMC Commander 30i.

This loader can reach doors up to an height of 5.558 mt (220″), and will be automatically selected if the cargo door on the airplane is higher than 3.40 mt. We included support for the following airplanes, which are now configured to use the Main Cargo door on the left side of the airplane:

PMDG 747-400F
Qualitywings 752F

We also modified the default configuration for the CS-727F (both 100 and 200 version), to load cargo from the Main Deck door, although it will use the standard FMC Commander 15i.

If you created or downloaded a customization file for any of those planes, is suggested you use the “Reset” button in the GSX Airplane configuration utility, so the new default configuration from GSX will be used.

The loader can be used with any other airplane with an available GSX configuration, and will be selected automatically if the door’s height is 3.40 meters or more.


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