Leonardo Software — FLY THE MADDOG PROFESSIONAL — SP 1 версия 3.2

Вышло обновление к знаменитой «Дикой собаке» которая версии 2008. Отдельно можно скачать версию для FS 9 и и FSX. Исправление предназначено только для PRO версии модели. Для установки потребуется «код покупки» (purchase code).

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Список изменений под катом (на английском)

New features:
— Added OAP window in the EFIS+ANALOG panel
— New mode S transponder for the CMA900 panel
— Added option to always play the AUTOPILOT aural when ap disconnects
— The LM now discover automatically newly installed airacs, copies the procedure files in the correct directory and runs the md_Cleanup
— Added commands to open/close ground/crew communication windows, assigned by default to CTRL+SHIFT+1/2
— Added command to open/close the speed chart window, assigned by default to CTRL+SHIFT+3
— Added command to open/close the flight docs window, assigned by default to CTRL+SHIFT+4
— Added command to set ASI bugs. Assigned to Ctrl+Shift+N (none), Ctrl+Shift+T (T/O), Ctrl+Shift+L (LAND)
— Added button in the Control Panel for engine failure at V1
— Added button in the Control Panel for brakes failure

Fixed bugs:
— Instability of IAS mode in FSX
— Improved compatibility with procedure files, including implementation of VECTOR command
— Engine spool-up problem in G/A, and wrong F/D indication to capture V2+10
— Step altitude editing in honeywell FMS
— Virtual Cockpit:

— Lightning problems
— Reference line for landing baro and landing altitude
— Stby altimeter needle
— ASI speed bugs
— F/O efis control panel

— Airfile «fuel flow scalar» value changed to 1.02 (was 0.95) to sligtly increase fuel flow in cruise
— Autospoiler for autobrake RTO, including aurals for wrong configuration
— Low oil press failure on CP always to engine 1

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