Mega Airport Amsterdam (FS2004) – обновление v1.1

Aerosoft выпустил обновление для сценария Амстердама (FS2004)/

Переводить было лень, поэтому под катом кому интересно, может прочитать о внесенных изменениях

This update requires an installed version of Mega Airport Amsterdam for FS2004 (V1.00)

Update 1.10 includes:

  • ATC Tower has been enhanced
  • Distance to most objects has been corrected so now you will see buildings from a further distance
  • Taxi signs added *Backside of terminal B now has the gates that were missing.
  • Adds on gates changed to the correct ones.
  • The visitors balcony on the main terminal has been improved.
  • New stand alone exclude file for those that wants to manipulate with the AFCAD file.
  • Corrected Microsoft logo on the new Microsoft building.
  • De-icing apron now enhanced with tower and drive trough parking also with more correct apron markings, ladders and other objects.
  • Winter now looking better with a more stronger frosty look.
  • Rwy lightning has been improved as good as possible for now.
  • Some thought that roof textures were blurry, they have been sharpened a little.
  • All in all some cosmetical issues have been dealt with here and there.
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