Mitsubishi MU-2 Marquise v1.5.1 для X-Plane 10

Mitsubishi MU-2 Marquise v1.5.1 для X-Plane 10

20.07.2013 0 Автор Алексей

13Обновился один из самых приятных (как по мне) самолетов для X-Plane 10 Mitsubishi MU-2 Marquise. Новая версия получила новую систему активации, совместимость только 64-битной с XP-10. Списко остальных изменений под катом. Саму модель можно приобрести на

On the surface changes:

AP mode panel on dash now has backlit labels when lighting rheostat turned up
Little quirk above on the radio frequencies not showing 108 is fixed
Some sharper texturing on the quadrant text.
Glass on instruments
Restored animations on galley tables and entry door. Single click to actuate back and forth.
Physics mesh added so you now cannot move “outside” the aircraft except through the cabin door
LIT texture inconsistency on flap lever lables fixed
Main gear tire rotations fixed (left was right and vice versa)
Speed placard fixes to incorrect values (some flap speeds were wrong)
Gyro sound on power up/down of electrical bus added…..hear when turn on battery key switch from cold and dark
Custom avionics fan sound sync’d with radio master switch.
Under the hood changes:
Default radio tuning commands now work on the radios (nav1_coarse_up) and animate the knobs as well….but with a twist
For the KHz knobs (the small radio knobs)…hold the command button down for more than 0.75 seconds to get rapid tuning of the KHz
Default lighting commands work with the overhead switches (beacon / nav / strobe / taxi / landing)
Custom commands for turning all the cockpit lighting rheostats up and down at once are provided. Custom Commands will be in the docs.
Revised start procedure in the docs to match some x-plane idiosyncrasies.


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