Новый год и новая политика Ariane

Making a Difference – Toward 2009. Так звучит мотив Ariane Design на грядущий год. Что это значит? Во-первых, для всех продуктов начнут выходить бесплатные обновления, которые можно будет скачать на сайте разработчика; Во-вторых, новая система активации продуктов, теперь этот процесс будет быстрее и надёжнее; В-третьих, новый формат службы технической поддержки. С полным текстом официального письма можно ознакомиться ниже.

Making a Difference – Toward 2009
Things are changing at Ariane. A range of brand new products and new support policies is being introduced. We hope to make the Ariane experience a lot easier and more welcoming. My name is India Knight and I will be leading the change and looking into the way we present Ariane as well as the way we register products (issues such as reactivating loyal users for free are already up and running). We have made the process of using and registering the product a lot easier as many people have been finding out with the new and full featured, Boeing 737-800 X2.

Please take the time to read through this newsletter and press any links for free updates for FS9 or FSX products, or links to review new products. I will be heading up a new support team of people, people dedicated to do whatever they can in the months ahead to help you with your products and to offering updates as well as support you need for FSX (issues like PC tips for Vista Flight and white papers on how to use some of the features will be some of the free items we aim to offer).

If your desire is to continue flying FS9 into 2009, we will also be supporting FS9 with new products as well as the accompanying support too.

We are developing a new loyal user gold card scheme for the new year which we aim to be made available to everyone along with the promise of a gift for new FSX product purchases this Christmas and a new email center almost ready for launch will change the way we make contact and keep you informed.

Our aim is to tailor more toward customer satisfaction as well as to garner new ideas from pilots to help make the whole experience of simulation a more satisfying and rewarding one.

Assuring you of our best attention at all times. I hope to meet you on our forum to hear your ideas as well as your views.

Thank you for your support. I wish you a good season to come.

India Knight
Support and Customer Liaison

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