Обновление – FlightSim Commander 9.1.1

Обновление – FlightSim Commander 9.1.1

26.10.2011 0 Автор Алексей

Обновился FSCommander до версии 9.1.1. Все основные изменения под катом

1. with a few users the program crashed when exiting
2. error corrected when a waypoint was added after a STAR while the program was connected with FS
3. error corrected when flight plans were saved on a drive or in a folder outside of FSC
4. error with Delete Flight Plan corrected
5. incorrect message text corrected when saving flight plan
6. multiple use of Alt-S in Select Airport corrected
7. error in writing XML flight plans corrected

The revision 9.1.1 can be downloaded here

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