PMDG 737 NGX – SP1b

PMDG 737 NGX – SP1b

10.12.2011 0 Автор Алексей

PMDG выпустили SP1b для своего 737 NGX. Создано два отдельных патча для 800/900 и 600/700. Ставить соответственно сначала для базовой модели (800/900) , потом если у вас установлены 600/700 и для них. Список изменений/добавлений под катом.


  • Protections added for .rte files created by third party applications: Many third-party flight planning applications that export .rte files for use with the PMDG 737NGX use a bogus and illogical save process that puts the runway and SID/STAR information into the saved route as part of the route file construct. This is not done in real world operations, and since the PMDG 737NGX uses a real world FMS route process, it creates problems that some uers have erroneously reported as being FMS errors or failures. To protect users from this illogical process, when .rte files are loaded into the FMS beginning with SP1b (build 3118) the PMDG 737NGX FMS will disregard any runway/SID/STAR information contained within the .rte file UNLESS that .rte file was created by the PMDG 737NGX FMS. This will require users to manually select the runway/SID/STAR information from within the FMS as is done by 737 pilots. The inclusion of terminal procedures in a COROUTE is quite unrealistic and PMDG recommends that the authors of these programs ammend their .rte export processes to include only the route of flight without runway/SID/STAR information in order to make the compliant with real-world operations.
  • Fixed spoiler, aileron, and yoke full deflection angles which had previously been too small. (caused by misunderstanding of an engineering document)
  • Fixed an issue with certain hardware that could cause the panel to operate as if the gear were down when they were visibly up. We believe this may have been the source of the strange negative pitch attitude while climbing and inability to accelerate issues that a handful of users have reported.
  • Fuel system automatic switching logic after loading/unloading fuel from the FMC now conforms to FAA AD 2002-24-51.
  • Livery Manager updated to 1.09 – now detects orphaned texture folders on startup and offers to remove them. Because of this it is no longer explicitly required to remove your installed liveries prior to installing the service pack.
  • Performance manager now works correctly with the 900 and 600/700 models. VC corruption when the settings are on low should no longer be present.


  • Fixed several more rare CTD scenarios including several involving changing runways or SID/STARs and certain vertical path errors.
  • Added more error handing/checking for illogical/erronous navdata issues.


  • Reduced sensitivity for LVL CHG and VNAV SPD pitch-for-speed changes while in climb or descent. Matched to performance of aircraft.
  • Fixed MCP LNAV light sometimes not reappearing after takeoff.
  • Fixed situations that would prevent G/S mode from arming when APP is pressed:
  • When a tuned ILS existed in the FSX world but not in the navdata.
  • After an IAN approach and go-around was previously performed.
  • Fixed aircraft going crazy on the ground if TO/GA was engaged without both IRS selectors in NAV.
  • Fixed thrust mode going to CRZ after changing mode to LVL CHG during a go-around.
  • A/T switch armed during preflight is no longer disarmed automatically when starting engines.


  • Fixed multiple rare VNAV path calculation issues.
  • Fixed multiple problems with step climb behavior.
  • Added scratchpad error messaging for SIDSTAR syntax errors.
  • DEP/ARR page behavior when selecting a SID that is not valid for the currently selected runway changed to conform to the real aircraft. It will now automatically deselect and remove the previously selected SID and prompt for a new selection after selecting an invalid runway.
  • Extremely long LNAV segments now draw and calculate correctly. (known internally as “The EV math circus” ;) )
  • Fixed captain’s CDU screen not visible when using the included panel states.
  • Fixed cold and dark panel state so captain’s CDU phantom power from holding down MENU is no longer active.
  • Fixed Door 1L not opening with cold and dark panel state.


  • Plan mode now available and visible without the IRSes aligned.
  • Fixed solid green color sometimes appearing overwater on the ND with EGPWS TERR mode active
  • Added magenta heading bug offscale “parking” to the PFD’s FPV integral heading display option.


  • Fixed fuel scavenge scavenge system pumping at 10 times faster that the correct rate.
  • AUX battery indications no longer present on electrical meter when single battery is selected.
  • Fixed analog standby G/S indicator during backcourse approaches.
  • Fixed several issues with the IRS alignment process in ATT mode.
  • Fixed several issues involving incorrect pressurization differentials.
  • Fixed several cabin climb rate indicator issues.
  • Added correct flap limit speed placard near the gear handle for each airframe type.
  • V1 cut failure changed to happen within 10 knots of V1.


  • Fixed missing piece of the inboard leading edge Krueger flaps.
  • Tweaked wingview camera presets for the 800/900
  • Fixed taxi light not visible in 2D panel.
  • Wingtip strobe “orb” size made consistent across all the variants.
  • Fixed several gaps and light leaks in the VC.
  • Fixed missing GND and ATTEND labels in the central overhead on the 2D panel.
  • Fixed annunciator bitmap overlaps on the overhead.
  • Fixed missing numbers on the 600/700 air conditioning temperature gauge.


  • Touchdown rattle sound no longer plays at aircraft initialization.
  • FO V1 callout changed to play at 5 knots prior to V1 per real life airline SOPs.
  • The individual FO callouts are now fully configurable on an individual basis. This allows for configurations where for instance the FO calls V1 *and* the EGPWS also calls it 5 knots later, which as is done at several airlines.
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