SIMCHECK AIRBUS A300B4-200 – версия 1.2

Вышла новая версия Аэробуса A300B4-200.

Тем кто приобрел этот самолет раньше, необходимо скачать новую версию дистрибутива  в личном кабинете на SimMarket. Обновления нет, только полностью установка с чистого листа.

Под катом список обновлений

* ADF2 clickable in the VC
* ADF2 sound ident toggle added
* Error in the RMI that DME 1 was disabled when switch 2 was set to ADF instead of VOR was fixed
* nose is now part the main fuselage paint
* tail is lit separately from the rest of the fuselage using the logo light switch on the overhead
* pull up and beam dev lights added to VC
* TOGA button and INS select button added to VC
* INS will now read very basic XML flightplans
* disconnected CSD’s at first start-up are fixed
* empty hydraulics at first start-up is fixed
* CoG added to status page in the Settings gauge
* brake temperature does not increase when the aircraft is parked with parking break on, brakes will cool down during flights
* all paintjobs fit well now
* Iberia and VASP paint added
* there was a bug in the Configurator program that manually entered fuel amounts where not passed on in the calculations
* INS font installs fine now
* tooltip pop-up was added for the 3 lower buttons on the MWP because they are very difficult to read when flying from the VC
* FD vertical bar is shown on all ADI’s during SRS take-off

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