TFDi Design 717: Approaching 1.1

TFDi Design 717: Approaching 1.1

30.11.2017 0 Автор Алексей

Совсем скоро состоится релиз новой версии TFDi Design 717. Совсем недавно его обзор и пример полета выложили у нас на форуме. Список новых фич под спойлером

What will 1.1 Contain?

When we release version 1.1, we will post information detailing specific new features, note-worthy fixes, and significant changes to the aircraft. For users catching up who are not part of the Community Opt-in Beta, you will notice changes like the following:

Numerous new MCDU features
Innumerable systems additions, improvements, and fixes
Major changes to the tablet
Countless new Addon Manager features
Considerable stability improvements
Various CTD fixes
Prepar3D v4 support
TrueGlass and RealLight (for Prepar3D v4)
Significant FADEC and engine improvements
Performance improvements
And MANY, MANY smaller changes

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