The Ultimate 146 Collection – SP2 релиз

The Ultimate 146 Collection – SP2 релиз

24.10.2012 0 Автор Алексей

Доступен для загрузки SP2 для данной модели. Обновились версии для всех симуляторов. Возможна установка как обновлением, при этом через диспетчер надо удалить все ливреи. Скачать для FS2004/FSX/P3D. Или же скачать полный инсталлятор версии 1.2: FS2004/FSX-P3D. Для использования второго варианта, необходимо удалить предыдущую версию крафта через стандартный деинсталлятор.
Что нового в данном пакете обновления читаем под катом


– NEW ADDITION: PFD / ND dimmable

– Standard aspect ratio main panel bitmap not showing

– PTU can pressurize green system, although yellow system unpressurized

– STBY GEN not always working

– Lift Spoilers deploy with AntiSkid OFF

– the ’40’ callout, doesn’t reset above 1000ft

– When lower MCP Alt selected, plane starts to descend prior to TOD

– No flap howl when controlling the flaps through FSUIPC

– QWPAS: Sounds play even though you switch them off

– FMS Progress page only displays 3 digits, cutting off the 4th when distance is more than 1000NM

– FMS FIX page: Fix does not display on Nav display unless both radial and distance are set

– FMS, Legs Speed only restriction not being accepted

– FMS: incorrect climb alts when ILS approach is selected before STAR.

– FMS: SAT should be the static air temperature

– FMS Perf Init page: When entering forecasted cruising altitude temperature in T/C OAT field nothing happens

– VNAV TOC calculation in FMS does not match TOC position displayed in EHSI

– “Glideslope” callout missing

– Saved Panel: Beacon Lights Switch not being set when loaded from saved panel file.

– Altimeter: Alt bug only settable in steps of 100′

– Lateral mode issue when switching from VOR/LOC to another mode

– CFG, FlightDirectorType=1 setting being overridden by QW control panel

– TCAS lateral range fixed at 10nm.

– RDMI right selector toggles between VOR2, and ADF1

– MCP not correctly switching from VOR/LOC mode to other lateral modes

– Vertical FMAs don’t display on EADI with FD engaged, lateral are fine

– Packs sound play, although engines / APU are not running

– Fuel System: FUEL LO PRESS annunciators shouldn’t illuminate if wing tanks are empty and CTR TANK TRANSFER is on

– ALT HOLD: Aircraft Descends immediately after entering new alt in window without V/S engaged

– Brake Temperatures too cool

– TCAS Gauge should show range arc when in STBY

– default FSX GPWS warnings suppressed


– Baro Knob does not work with mouse wheel

– Oil pressure indicators don’t reflect correct engines

– Parking Brake handle not animated when parking brake message disabled

– FO Glareshield annuns text mirrored when annuns not lit (FSX)

– Pedestal window clickspots inop (FSX)

– Some Ovhd Annuns misaligned (FSX)

– DROP OUT OVRD OXYGEN sticker on FO side mirrored (FSX)

– Displays not lit in dusk/dawn conditions (FSX)

– TRP V1 label only reads “V” (FSX)



– Flap lift slightly revised (FSX)

– Contact Points slightly revised (FSX)

– Vmo revised

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