Active Sky Beta 3

Active Sky Beta 3

24.05.2020 16 Автор Алексей

Ну кто там на новый ActiveSky переехал. Забирайте очередную бету

Changelog B7446

– P3Dv5 Compatibility Updates
– Documentation updated (first draft, now ready for review and feedback)
– Fixed precipitation issue with ambient precipitation rate for v5
– Attempted fix for P3Dv5 CTD / crash issues including crash triggered by higher-latitude areas above 53N with EA mode off
– Attempted fix for stability / crash issues in v4
– Attempted a fix for external radar related CTD (“range change”) in some cases
– Attempted a fix for cloud model issues and/or missing .cld files in some cases
– Attempted a fix regarding textures and clouds and potential interference from default or other add-on content
– Attempted fix for intermittent strange sky coloring issue in both v4 and v5
– Fixed an issue with overcast patterns in detailed radar when using ASCA overcast
– Fixed cloud base/thickness discrepancy issues in some cases
– Fixed an issue related to in-cloud detection
– Fixed runway selection issue, now using Navigraph runway data vs. simulator scenery runway data
– Fixed an issue that could prevent cloud movement with the wind (in v4)
– Attempted fix for German character handling issue within e-mail addresses causing login error
– Adjusted New user registration form for more intuitive security question selection process
– Fixed problem with survey form scrollbar not showing
– UI Adjustments
– Updated survey for separate beta #3 trigger and response tracking
– Change from single shortcut to 2 shortcuts, one for each P3D version variant (v4) or (v5), to quickly startup in the appropriate mode without need for choosing version – Version question will still be asked on first run
– Made -simVersion command line argument non-case-sensitive
– Fixed window size/position/dock status not saved/recalled properly issue
– Enabled additional verbose logging for identifying and tracking various reported issues

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