ActiveSky P3D beta 8080


Обновили погодник для препара. И тоже пока бета

— [02/14/22] Fixed issue in installation package with VC++ Runtime Redistributables check and automatic install preventing proper SimConnect initialization in some cases with Prepar3D v4.5
— [02/11/22] Adjusted theme reload frequency/triggers in EA+Volumetric Clouds mode for additional dynamic weather changes throughout a flight (also eliminates potential inconsistencies in conditions data compared with actual depiction)
— [02/02/22] Fixed issue with custom weather mode aloft editing page parsing issue causing wrong/low temperatures aloft in some regional/number format settings
— [02/02/22] Changed destination reload/force distance to 40nm (vs 70nm) with EA+Volumetric Clouds when Flight Plan is loaded and departure to destination distance is less than 100nm, to provide more variety in weather conditions for these shorter GA-type flights

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