Captain Sim 757 версия 1.7

Captain Sim 757 версия 1.7

22.10.2020 0 Автор Алексей

Обновился 757 от Captain Sim. С недавнего времени (v 1.6) он начал поддерживать P3D v5, а на днях получил также небольшое обновление с исправленными ошибками.

VERSION 1.7 (20OCT’20)

– C2 shedding: the PRESS light should be illuminated when no engines are on once all 4 ELEC pumps are on.
– Flaps inop as soon as the engines are OFF.
– ALTN Flaps elec motor doesn’t work.
– It would be great so see the control columns move when on autopilot.
– VNAV descent above FL100 always results in speed dropping over 15 knots from commanded speed and THRUST REQUIRED message.
– Attempting to disconnect Auto Throttle during cruise using the thrust lever button. Autothrottle remains engaged, and SPD mode re-annunciates on the FMA.
– Autopilot warning and yellow line through GS FMA in last 20 feet of landing.

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