Captain Sim 767 Captain II 1.0


А вот вам и  релиз финальной версии 767 от «капитанов симов». Все это работает как в 4-м, так и в 5-м препаре. Список изменений достаточно внушительный. Забирайте на официальном сайте пока за 99,76 вечнозеленых.

список фиксов

New features:

  •  Brand-new engine and wing flex.


  • When doing an Instrument Approach using VNAV, 2nm from the FAF we set the MDA or DA on the MCP, select or verify VNAV is engaged on VNAV pth (FMC on approach mode is active). Once the airplane pases the FAF and is at least 300ft below missed approach altitude, we select the Missed APP altitude on the MCP, CS767 is reverting to ALT hold and is not allowing the airplane to re engage VNAV.
  • FMC is not engagin On approach mode, meaning VNAV pth only even when speed intervention, airplane should remaint in VNAV pth when de following conditions are met.
  • EGPWS improved.
  • Route calculation improved.
  • I start from C&D or from APU on, I get an A/T warning light come on once the engines are started.
  • FD command TO/TO once airplane is airborne, has to give you enough pitch to maintain V2+15/V2+15 with both engines or V2/V2+15 OEI, until pitch mode is engaged, CS 767 is giving nose down FD order.
  • VNAV SPD/PTH Errors.
  • Insufficient decel logic in VNAV mode (CI of 111 and speed restrictions not complied with). Descent rate is kept to follow VNAV path when it *should* follow speed restrictions and prompt “DRAG REQUIRED” if not able to maintain speed+descent profile.
  • VNAV SPD issue. Doing a descend on path with the FMA on IDDLe VNAV PTH, ATC ask’s for speed reduction, when selecting speed intervention to reduce to 250, the airplane does not change the current attitude to pitch for airspeed, it keeps flying the path.
  • The aircraft descends at 3000fpm during a CRZ DES of 2000ft between FL360 and FL340, 94nm before the original T/D. This greatly exceeds the quoted 1250fpm approximate descent rate.
  • ON APU Panel state issues.
  • Floating.
  • Cost index calculation improved.
  • VNAV activated on the ground.
  • When I attempt to change the refresh rate, using the 767 ACE, this error comes up.
  • VNAV CLB – altitude prediction calculation improved.
  • I’m flying PHOG-KSEA. Estimated fuel remaining at ZINNO and KSEA is off unless our fuel economy is 2,476nm per 1,000lbs. of fuel.
  • Selecting a STAR improved.
  • VNAV THR light button on the MCP doesn’t stay on until VNAV is engaged.
  • When flying Direct to any waypoint and selecting abeams, the FMC selects any abeam waypoints for the route and distance and ETA goes crazy.
  • A wee bug in the speed / flap readout on the ADI. During climb out with 15 degrees flap still selected as the speed increases to around 197 knots the FLAP LIM illuminates on the ADI. This is not correct since the flap limit airspeed for flaps 15 is 210 knots.
  • Pilot defined waypoints are created as PBD, PB/PB: got an invalid entry message NOT IN DATABASE.
  • VNAV. The FMC gives a climb speed of say 310/.786 At about FL290 when M.786 is reached, the speed just keeps increasing and only at about M0.81 does the pitch go up to get the speed back to M0.786. There is somewhat of a delay in the AP response in pitch.
  • CTD on some computers.
  • TRANS and RESTS points.
  • RTE Page LSK_R* selection.
  • If we could just stop it from automatically inserting a runway selection into the MCDU when choosing a STAR with no selected runway.

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