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Перед выпуском “шарклетной” версии самолета, разработчики выпустили апдейт, который потребуется чтобы новая модель установилась и работала корректно. Конкорд вроде как обещают в этом году

Changelog for A32X Family

2D Panels
Flap placard spds now correct on F/O side
2D panel now draws BRAKE FAN only when installed

Fix for 2D and VC knob lighting in test model

Updates to follow new VATSIM protocols
VATSIM Connectivity with Non-English Windows fixed
Fix for Lat/Lon points on FPLN uplink
D-ATIS now checks/pulls FAA source

Uplink optionally omits SID/STAR

Updated test logic

SD F/CTL page fix for THS fluctuations
Alternate law detection logic fix

SPD BRK DISAGREE with SEC1 off now appears
SEC 1+2+3 FAIL/OFF now causes DIRECT LAW with FLAPS 2

Contrails tweaked for night time

FD engage on ADIRS align

Logic improvements for FG loop control
Fix for stick input during flaps movement

Elevation model
Fix for memory leak above certain altitudes

Engines / FADEC
CFM Engine start logic updates (IGN and FF)
IGN FAULT START message logic improved (IAE)
IAE EEC ARINC output fix for BMC fault conditions

External model
Inner wing fairings gaps fixed
Wing metallic textures updated
Logo light texture updated
Various improvements / fixes

External lights
Fix for beacon / strobe logic issue which caused lights to freeze sometimes

Fix for VLS when BUSS is active

Flight Model
Spoilers correctly dump lift on ground

PAGE PERF DES now allows spds up to .82 Mach
VAPP logic recalculation improvements
Fix for Fuel predictions
Fix for TROPO entry predictions lost issue
Fix for PERF TO page CHECK TAKEOFF DATA message conditions
CHECK TO DATA message conditions corrected
SET MANAGED SPEED message logic improved
XXX IS DESELECTED message logic added
PERF APPR page data entry logic improved
AP 1+2 INOP / CAT2 conditions logic tweaked
Protection logic improvements
Automatic speed protection logic improved

FSL Config
Check for DirectInput if any joystick axis detected
Small fix in airframe parsing logic
logic for Direct Input requirement when TCA hardware used

Chrono button logic tweak for right-click/release functionality

Input Controls
Added all input axes in FSL Input Controls dialog
Thrust levers
Fix for crash when joystick was being set up the first time sometimes
Fix for axis detection to now use relative movement (1.5% change now used)
Gate Controller logic fixed for engines off scenarios
AP DISC logic tweak
Null zones / slopes consideration for single-sided axes (brakes)

Improvements in timer logic (NEW ISIS)
ALT flag logic corrected

Fix for LAT/LON printing when minutes at 59.95+
User options Single/double digit entry now considered Tonnes or Thousands of Lbs.
User options Added EXT CTRL GSX page for control over GPU

Panel States
SEAT BELTS / NO SMOKING off on Cold & Dark state
New “AUTO DETECT” Panel State added
Fix for loss of flaps / slats conditions
Fix for cabin/cargo/eng oil temps on GPU/C&D states

Added popup ISIS and DDRMI (disabled by default need to edit panel.cfg)

Radio Management Panel
Fix for Seat Selection control of VHF1/VHF2 knobs

dual hyd loss prevents halfspeed flag from turning true
G+B HYD FAULT further logic improvements
ALPHA LOCK logic improved

AEVC and DUAL INPUT sound infra improvements
Fix for sound disappearing briefly on VC view change

Dual flight stick support added

Virtual cockpit
Added animation to AP DISC buttons
Speed plackard now shows proper speeds for all variants depending on MTOW
RESET BTN text clipping fixed
Various gaps fixed

Virtual Reality
Tweaked sensor transparency to make it invisible while using VR devices

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