FLY THE MADDOG X 64 v2.2b848


Если еще кто летает в P3D на «дикой собаке», то вам новую версию завезли. Забирайте в личном кабинете

P3D v4/v5 edition - 2.2b848

— fixed issue with track magenta line in PLAN mode not displaing correctly in certain situations;
— fixed issue with CR thrust sometimes higher then MCT thrust;
— fixed issue with bearing/distance fixes in certain dep/arr procedures;
— fixed issue in CMA900 FMS of text — ROUTE DISCONINUITY — overlapping other waypoint data text;
— fixed issue in CMA900 FMS with ‘Larc’ or ‘Rarc’ text always written at position LSK1 regardless of the actual position of the dme arc final fix in the legs list;
— fixed issue in CMA900 FMS with holding entry;
— fixed issue of FMS turning in wrong direction for certain procedures;
— fixed issue with chrono showing wrong GMT in certain flights;
— fixed speed issues while in holding;
— fixed missing ‘exec’ in holding exit logic and route changes in ND;
— pressing the ‘+/-‘ FMS key will now correctly enter the ‘-‘ as first character in scratchpad;
— added CPDLC AIR to AIR messaging (ATS FLT ID field must be already filled in from any CPDLC/ACARS page where the entry is shown).

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