PMDG обновили линейку Boeing 777

PMDG обновили линейку Boeing 777

15.03.2021 0 Автор Алексей

Как обычно после релиза порция патчей, но хорошо что так, а не по сервис-паку раз в полгода как у некоторых 😋

PMDG 777 Full Product Line – 1.11.1183 – 12MAR21
================================================== =======
0009518: [General – Ground Operations] Ground Objects – Simulation Options Stairs selection wrong (hvanrensburg)
0009533: [General – Flight Model] Engine Failure and Rudder useage causes stagnated or decreasing speed on take off (emvaos)
0009536: [General – Flight Model] Aircraft experiences acceleration while on ground with AOA greater than 2.8 or ANU appx 5.2deg. (rsrandazzo)
0009579: [EFB – Performance and Computational] Copy FMC OAT may lead to OAT being 1°C less than actual OAT (emvaos)
0009567: [FMS – Setup/Options Pages] Aircraft Equipment Options – Max Ramp Weight Entry (emvaos)
0009578: [External Model – Geometry] 200ER RR Exhaust cone is not solid (jbrown)
0009360: [Systems – Flight Controls] FBW exhibits pitch instability when aircraft is hand-flown while speed-unstable or trim-balance-unstable. (emvaos)
0009355: [General – Flight Model] FBW pitch behavior unstable when hand-flying approaches. (emvaos)
0009572: [External Model – Geometry] 200ER GE N1 blades are clipping the inner compressor disk (jbrown)
0009565: [General – Unsure] 777-200ER Cabin Lighting texture issue (jbrown)
0009557: [General – Suggested/Missing Features] PVD should be available for landing operation, unlike 747 (rsrandazzo)
0009564: [General – Flight Model] 200ER : Max landing weight and Max Takeoff Weight Options in OPTIONS/EQUIPMENT (emvaos)
0009558: [Systems – Fuel] AUX fuel fails to transfer. (rsrandazzo)
0009549: [General – Flight Model] Ground Effect for 200LR/F and 300ER revisited (emvaos)
0009560: [Virtual Cockpit – Geometry/Textures] VC gap near the EFB area on both Captain and F/O sides (vscimone)
0009554: [Virtual Cockpit – Geometry/Textures] P3Dv4 Landing Light switches much darker than in previous release (vscimone)
0009555: [EFB – Performance and Computational] EFB Landig performance OAT error message when Anti Ice OFF is selected logic (emvaos)
0009544: [External Model – Geometry] P3Dv5 300ER small gaps at the fuselage at the Cargo hold (jbrown)
0009526: [External Model – Geometry] 300ER TailSkid see through texture and piston length (jbrown)
0009458: [External Model – Geometry] Engine Animation issues with engine shudown on air (jbrown)
0009548: [FMS – Setup/Options Pages] Captain/FO Sync Baro option does not sync the EFIS switch Position (abashkatov)
0009538: [Main Panel – Aural/Visual Warning Systems] Low speed buffet smoothing in turbulence (emvaos)
0009537: [AFDS – Thrust Modes] A/T thrust reduction rate during flare [30′ or below] (emvaos)
0009545: [EFB – Performance and Computational] EFB : Printout rounding provision for limit weights in OPT (emvaos)
0009513: [Virtual Cockpit – Geometry/Textures] Small VC gap at captains window, hook area (vscimone)
0009524: [Sounds – External] Specific engine sounds not playing (acholakian)
0009577: [Main Panel – ND] Deceleration markers for speed restricted waypoints should not be shown (emvaos)
0009494: [External Model – Liveries] Request: Add engine type to aircraft thumbnail (psterling)

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