PREPAR3D V5.0 HOTFIX 2 – вышел

PREPAR3D V5.0 HOTFIX 2 – вышел

23.06.2020 0 Автор Алексей

Ну что, посмотрим что нам предложат на этот раз? Обновляйтесь 😉

Client Fixes and Improvements

      • Improved Dynamic Texture Streaming performance.
      • Fixed issue causing Scaleform elements to flash including the menu bar and ATC window.
      • Fixed issue causing invalid wind aloft direction values.
      • Improved startup load time.
      • Fixed crash when switching views in PBR vehicles on various AMD graphics cards.
      • Fixed issue causing effects to lag behind attach points in some cases.
      • Improved effect rendering performance.
      • Fixed issue causing invalid particle lighting in multiple views in some cases.
      • Fixed issue causing emitted extrusions to be invalid at certain rotation angles.
      • Fixed issue where flashing textures could occur in some cases with Dynamic Texture Streaming active.
      • Fixed crash that would occur on startup if add-on description was blank.
      • Fixed issue causing kneeboard and scenario briefing pages to be blank.
      • Added chroma key support to Varjo XR-1 headset.
      • Fixed issue where startup screen preview window would stop rendering after location change.
      • Fixed issue preventing Dynamic Texture Streaming from disabling in some cases.
      • Search boxes in relevant UI screens are now focused when opened.
      • Fixed issue where preview window would not work in structured scenarios.
      • Fixed crash seen when changing between tower and pilot roles in some cases.
      • Fixed weather theme sync issues between the startup and weather screens.
      • Fixed issue preventing Wingman AI Behaviors from saving offsets correctly.
      • Fixed issue preventing SimDirector OffsetXYZ control from accepting negative values.
      • Fixed issue where role type box would not size correctly in the multiplayer UI in some cases.
      • Fixed issues with SimConnect BeginVideoStream.
      • Improved reflection performance.
      • Fixed visual issues with distance remaining signs.
      • Fixed issue where loading flight plans would not update the map in startup and multiplayer screens.
      • Map screen now supports heading and airspeed changes while moving the user.
      • Adjusted sun and moon sizes in Enhanced Atmospherics.
      • Fixed issue with TexturePlugin providing render targets with state data.
      • Fixed DIS enumerations for F-22 and F-35 aircraft.
      • Fixed terrain cracks that could occur in reflections.
      • Fixed issue where location text could be cut off in the Startup and MiniChooser screens.
      • Improved map UI loading times.
      • Improved transparent object sorting with Enhanced Atmospherics.
      • Fixed issue causing missing autogen in some cases when using add-on.xmls.
      • Fixed issues with additive effects sorting incorrectly with clouds.
      • Fixed multi-GPU crash with Dynamic Texture Streaming.
      • Program and Environment simvars can now be set in XML gauge code.
      • Updated attenuation for PBR and non PBR dynamic lighting.
      • Updated falloff exponent for non PBR dynamic lighting.
      • Fixed issue where high cockpit LOD configuration setting would be reverted to 0 when settings were reduced.
      • Engines are now started for helicopter AI entities that spawn in the air.
      • Fixed issue preventing tooltips from displaying in map UI screens.
      • Added VR setting to disable Hidden Area Mesh.
      • Fixed issue where SimConnect menu events were not being processed.
      • Fixed issue preventing PDK add-ons from adding menu items to the “Add-ons” menu.
      • UI search boxes no longer handle the escape key when empty and immediately process the search when pressing enter.
      • Improved SinglePass VR latency fixing issue where dynamic light positions could be one or two frames behind.
      • Fixed issue preventing Scaleform RTT elements from rendering.
      • Fixed issue that could cause the SimDirector UI to become unresponsive if an error popup occurred when selecting an object.
      • Entries in the Facility Selection screen can now be double-clicked.
      • Fixed issue that could prevent AI Behaviors from activating at scenario start in some cases.
      • Improved error handling when reading sim object configuration data.
      • Fixed crash that could occur when running multiplayer and changing scenery library settings.
      • Fixed crash that could occur when using the multiplayer autostart command line option with multiplayer autostart configuration settings enabled.
      • Fixed issue causing differences in reported wind direction in some cases.
      • Fixed issue that could cause visual errors with runway edge lines at sloped airports.
      • Fixed crash that could occur when loading third party AI vehicles in some cases.
      • Fixed error when comparing property name strings in recording/playback in some cases.
      • Fixed shutdown crash when using Varjo headsets.
      • Fixed crash when changing Varjo VR view options.

Content Fixes and Improvements

      • Added landing light fx file.
      • Updated tail number geometry and material on various default vehicles.

Scenery Fixes and Improvements

      • Fixed issue with jetway decal textures turning asphalt aprons white.
      • Fixed various water, terrain, coastline, bridge, and various other data issues.
      • Fixed issues with St. Paul and St. George islands, Victoria Falls.
      • Fixed issues with Washington DC scenery objects, San Siro Stadium, and Generali Tower.
      • Updates to various airports including LFMV, KOFF, KGGG, EFHK, SBSP, EDDH, EDVK, KAKR, KPIT, RJBB, EDDS, EGPF, KBUR, PALR, VOTR, KVPD, LIMC, PASI, and EGGW.

SDK Fixes and Improvements

    • Added OpenGLTexture sample back to SDK.
    • Added 3dsMax 2020 and 2021 support.

Thanks again for your support!

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