Prepar3D v5.2


Забирайте Prepar3D v5.2 . Но сильно не спешите. ))) В систему Enhanced Atmospherics были внесены  улучшения, предлагающие лучшие визуальные эффекты, сокращение использования памяти. Улучшенное атмосферное освещение, тени, объемных облаков и улучшенные эффекты осадков, поправили в лучшую сторону производительность и стабильность. Официально достаточно обновить клиент, но настоятельно советую обновить и контент

Prepar3D Client

General Platform Updates

New Features

  • Added road lights setting to generate lights along roads.
  • Enhanced Atmospherics can now be used with legacy (non-volumetric) clouds.
  • Various graphics settings can now be changed while sim is running.
  • Particles can now be dynamically lit.
  • Added developer menu allowing for shader and texture reloads and viewing models.
  • Added terrain awareness post process effect.
  • Added orthogonal view support to camera system. Can be set in camera configuration and PDK.
  • Added default weather radar view and SDK sample.
  • Updated multiplayer communication to support UHF frequencies.
  • Added view angle support for facing particles.
  • Added support for the VRgineers XTAL VR headset.
  • Added support for the Varjo XR-3 VR headset.
  • Added CallbackMethod option to RecordAndPlayback.xml allowing for plugins to listen to individual property changes during playback.

Fixes and Improvements

  • Improved rendering system performance and stability.
  • Improved handling of VRAM over-allocation.
  • Various particle system performance optimizations.
  • Improved Enhanced Atmospherics performance and reduced memory usage.
  • Updated Enhanced Atmospherics lighting.
  • Improved Enhanced Atmospherics dawn/dusk appearance.
  • Improved Enhanced Atmospherics precipitation and lightning effects.
  • Fixed hole that would appear around user vehicle in clouds with Enhanced Atmospherics.
  • Improved cloud grid generation with Enhanced Atmospherics.
  • Improved cloud shadow appearance with Enhanced Atmospherics.
  • Fixed ghosting around user vehicle with Enhanced Atmospherics.
  • Fixed crash in VR that could sometimes occur when bringing up tool tip text.
  • Fixed crash that could sometimes occur when opening the eye tracking window.
  • Added DeviceDataFormats.xml file to configure X-Grip DirectInput data.
  • Fixed issue where vehicle stress was not respecting crash settings in the UI.
  • Optimized resource usage including VRAM usage in VR single pass mode.
  • Converted the Menu Bar, Context Menu, VR Menu, and Information Text (InfoGen) to HTML5.
  • Information Text and Message Text are now visible in VR.
  • Fixed issue where exposure values could become out of sync in VR.
  • Fixed jitter that could be seen in ISimObjects in multiplayer in some cases.
  • Updated ISimObject AI logic.
  • Added health to the Indago rotor system to prevent vehicle from flying when health points reach zero.
  • Added option to save current scenario when closing the application or when a driver hang occurs.
  • Fixed various memory leaks.
  • Fixed issue in SimDirector where flight segments would render incorrect start/end times when first loading a scenario.
  • Fixed issue where SimProp recordings would not correctly initialize motion variables when loading from a bookmark.
  • Optimized SimProp recording saving.
  • Added ReadableFrequency SimProp setting for recordings.
  • Uninstalling the application no longer generates configuration files used for default settings.
  • Fixed issue with dynamic lights displaying incorrectly in the right eye in VR in some cases.
  • Fixed issue where the scenario startup screen would sometimes show the wrong location after loading a scenario.
  • Fixed additional z-ordering issues with objects in Enhanced Atmospherics.
  • Fixed issue where changing seasons in the startup screen would not account for daylight savings time changes.
  • Fixed issue where simulation fidelity could be limited to lower bounds when overriding SimGroup simulation rates.
  • Fixed issue where mixing PBR and non-PBR material scripts in models could cause visual issues in some cases.
  • Fixed issue where right clicking to bring up the context menu would sometimes cause the camera to rotate.
  • Scenario entities now initialize with correct airspeed if spawned in the air.
  • Fixed issue where ground speed was returned instead of airspeed for AI entities.
  • Units can now be set for airspeed and altitude in SimDirector.
  • Optimized GetCameraLookAtLLA function.
  • Improved bloom lighting effect.
  • Added “Base Scenario Only” save option to save current conditions without modifying underlying scenario.
  • Added min/max top down altitude values to camera definitions.
  • Vehicle label draw distances are now configurable.
  • Fixed ray trace calculation used for terrain and entity hit testing.
  • Effects are now included in the client installer.
  • Updated VR menu.
  • Updated sky brightness based on time of day.
  • Fixed issue where certain add-on scenery error messages would not be displayed on startup.
  • Added ADF MAGVAR simvar.
  • HookEventProcess now works with ISimObject implementations.
  • Updated OpenVR version.
  • Added directory and category support to the SimDirector white list file.
  • Unnamed catalog objects are now ignored by SimDirector by default. This can be changed in SimDirector settings.
  • Fixed issue where closing panels in VR would cause them to stay open in the main view.
  • Fixed issue where ISimObjects would not load in the location specified by their role in multiplayer scenarios.
  • Mouse rotation cursor now appears over correct undocked view and is confined within window bounds while in use.
  • Resetting multiplayer scenarios now returns to the lobby keeping all players connected to the session.
  • Fixed issue with panel windows sorting incorrectly with transparent objects in VR.
  • Updated airport lighting to be more visible at night and during low visibility conditions.
  • Improved dynamic lighting performance in VC and single pass VR.
  • Fixed issue where closing an undocked view containing docked panels would prevent these panels from being reopened.
  • Fixed bug preventing FS9 and BGL models from drawing correctly at some angles in Single Pass VR.
  • Fixed issue that caused texture mismatches between eyes in VR for non-ultra water and ground detail textures.
  • Improved performance of multiplayer and DIS voice playback.
  • Fixed issue where recording would not prompt when overwriting an existing file.
  • Volumetric fog is now always enabled with Enhanced Atmospherics.
  • Record and playback properties can now specify range of indices for recording.
  • Fixed issue preventing TriggerProperty events from being played back correctly from recordings in some cases.
  • Panel texture sizes can now be non-square and non-power of two.
  • IP address used for GPS data transmission is now saved between sessions.
  • Fixed issue where center of gravity was shown in the wrong location in the Fuel and Payload UI.
  • Fixed issue with flight recorder that could cause invalid interpolation of various data types.
  • Fixed issue that prevented airline name changes for AI over SimConnect from being propagated.
  • Updated default multiplayer COM frequency.
  • Fixed issue causing multiplayer server to rebroadcast ISimObject positions to owner.
  • Added option to only save base scenario excluding scenario-specific object/trigger states.
  • Fixed issue that could prevent aircraft from crossing taxiway bridges in some cases.
  • Fixed issue where Windows would detect microphone usage at startup.
  • Fixed issue where voice sound device settings would not be updated while in a multiplayer session.
  • Multiplayer now toggles landing gear up when spawning in the air.
  • Progressive taxiway lines now account for sloped airport elevation changes.
  • Fixed propeller sound on turboprops with CCW rotating propellers.
  • Improved GPS logic for calculating when to transition to the next waypoint.
  • Fixed issue where certain helipad surfaces would not pull to ground at sloped airports.
  • Fixed invalid LLA exception that could occur at the poles.
  • Fixed issue preventing SubscribeToFacilities call from returning all pertinent airports/facility data.

Fixes and Improvements (Professional Plus Only)

  • User objects can now be controlled over DIS.
  • Custom loadouts can now be applied to player objects in SimDirector.
  • Fixed issue where reading DIS markings would sometimes be invalid.
  • Fixed issue where DIS force was not being assigned to objects attached to the user or avatar.
  • Added ChangeUserObject option to DIS host settings.
  • Fixed DIS stability issues with certain variable sized packet PDUs.
  • Fixed endianness swap logic for DIS audio data.
  • DIS host ownship can now be enabled/disabled without disconnecting.
  • User object can now be driven through CIGI.
  • Fixed bounds check for supported weather layers in CIGI.
  • Added ResetScenario and disable weather CIGI options.
  • Added CIGI passive mode.
  • Removed “UserIsOwnship” and “HideOwnshipModel” CIGI options. This is now based off of user object and camera settings automatically.
  • Fixed issue where velocity would not be sent by host in some cases.
  • Fixed issue where IG would not set velocity unless dead reckoning was enabled.
  • Fixed various issues with CIGI dead reckoning.
  • Updated CIGI view camera definitions.
  • CIGI host now freezes entities when entering the UI.
  • Added CIGI option to disable view control on IG.
  • Updated CIGI documentation.
  • CIGI camera definitions can now be defined per View Type instead of internal vs. external.
  • CIGI host now rebroadcasts view control packets when an IG connects.
  • CIGI host can now send to more than one IP address and port.
  • Fixed issue where DIS entities would not heartbeat frozen state when first paused.
  • Fixed issue where DIS would continue to try to create entities that had previously failed.
  • Fixed issue where rapidly toggling DIS connection via key event would cause connection issues.
  • Updated default DIS heartbeat values.
  • Added new key events for DIS entity Start/Resume and Stop/Freeze.
  • DIS Start/Resume and Stop/Freeze PDUs now support real-world start/stop times.
  • Converted Mixed Reality (MR) portal help text to HTML5.
  • Portal rendering is now disabled outside of VR views.
  • The Start/Resume PDU now changes the simulation time of day.
  • Fixed default DIS Site/Application/Entity values.
  • Fixed logic error when checking DIS BroadcastNavAids setting.
  • Fixed several rendering issues with MR cameras.
  • Added DIS Create Entity, Remove Entity, and Set Data PDUs.
  • Added floating point validation for received packet values over DIS.
  • Improved DIS AI waypoint logic.
  • Fixed bug where certain DIS Signal PDU parameters were being as the wrong data type.
  • Various improvements to DIS radios including broadcast format selection, improved audio quality, and better packet handling.
  • Improved error messages when DIS fails to connect.
  • Default DIS intercom priority is now zero.
  • Fixed issue where invalid data could be returned from the GetScreenCoord PDK function is point was behind the camera.
  • Fixed issue where effect shading did not match lighting conditions.
  • Pursue, Combat Air Patrol, and Close Air Support AI behaviors can now target player objects.
  • DIS intercom and radio state is now displayed in Infogen.
  • Fixed issue preventing weapon positions from being properly serialized in multiplayer in some cases.
  • Fixed crash that could occur in multiplayer if weapon jettison and reset commands were sent at high frequencies.
  • Fixed issue where countermeasure trigger and reset could process in the same frame.
  • Added sim configuration entry to control max time of flight for weapons.
  • Fixed issue where DIS would not broadcast PDUs for visibility or activation SimObject state changes.
  • Fixed freeze logic for local DIS entities.

Prepar3D Content

Fixes and Improvements

  • Fixed typos in F-16 descriptions.
  • Updated textures for sand, dirt, and grass runways.
  • Updated textures for various terminal buildings.
  • Updated F-14 and flatbed vehicles to no longer appear to hover when on ground.

Prepar3D Scenery

Fixes and Improvements

  • Updates to KRND, KLOU, KSDF, KEDW, and VETZ.
  • Fixed several scenery and water issues in the northern arctic region, Senegal, Guatemala, Kauai, and Alaska.
  • Fixed issue with jetways not moving in some cases.
  • Fixed issues with SIDs displays of certain VORs.
  • Correct Tacan X/Y frequencies.

Prepar3D SDK

New Features

  • Effect system now supports visible angle lighting and dynamic lighting.
  • Added weather radar PDK sample.

Fixes and Improvements

  • Updated OpenGLTexture sample.
  • Added ChangeUserObject PDK function.
  • Added OpenUIPanel function to PDK allowing HTML and Scaleform panels to be opened by name.
  • Added additional time conversion functions to DIS service.
  • Added ortho extent get/set functions to PDK for orthogonal views.
  • Updated VisualFX tool with new lighting and emitter properties.
  • Add quad draw to CustomPDKObjects SDK sample.
  • Added support for SetHealth on registered subsystems on ISimObject implementations.
  • Added new flags to PDK for preview window and SimOperator staging objects.

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