Prepar3D V5.3 Hotfix 1


Доступно обновление для крайней версии препара. Хотфикс под спойлером.


Client Fixes and Improvements

  • Fixed issue where loading would take longer when in SimDirector backstage.
  • Visual runway extension approaches are now enabled per aircraft instead of globally.
  • Fixed crash that could occur when using the PduBuilder::GetRawData function.
  • Fixed issue where gun attachments were not correctly updating over DIS.
  • Performance improvements to various airport geometry flatten operations.
  • Additional improvements to GPS final approach passage criteria.
  • Fixed bug preventing 4th information text line from displaying.
  • Improvements to intersection smoothing and taxiway rendering at sloped airports.
  • Single magneto performance drop is now configurable.
  • Added capability for aux boost pump to override mixture cutoff.
  • Improved road traffic and light performance and fixed issue preventing exclusion areas from being checked with road traffic.
  • Fixed issue causing flashlight to flicker in some cases.
  • Fix erratic GPS approach CDI/CRS when passing missed approach point.
  • Improved sloped airport performance.
  • Fixed issue preventing horizon haze from rendering with Enhanced Atmospherics disabled.
  • Fixed issue causing runway marking textures to shimmer in some cases.
  • Fixed issue causing the application to hang at startup in some cases.
  • Improvements to piston engines including exposing the ability to tune mixture, fixed how piston engine mixture works with boost pump active, and implementing altitude compensating mixture flag.
  • Updated GPS to get reference stall and cruise speeds from ISimObjects.
  • Fixed issue causing sun to be slightly misaligned with reflections with Enhanced Atmospherics active.

Prepar3D Scenery Fixes and Improvements

  • Fixed performance issues in certain areas including around KMCO.
  • Fixed issue preventing jetways from moving.
  • Fixed various issues with missing facility objects and departures.
  • Fixed issues with Charlotte coastline areas.
  • Fixed rendering issues with various road traffic models causing reduced performance.
  • Various scenery fixes in the DC and Hawaii areas.

Thanks again for your support!

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