Prepar3D v5 Hotfix 1

Prepar3D v5 Hotfix 1

01.05.2020 3 Автор Алексей

А вот и первый хотфикс для свежеиспеченного препара, но я лично еще жду нужных самолетов и ActiveSky. Погодник кстати обещают вот-вот выкатить первую бету, а вот самолеты скорее всего будут когда исправят основную проблему- утечку видеопамяти, из-за которой летать в новом симе было невозможно.

Забирайте апдейт в личном кабинете


  • Reduced VRAM usage by automatically reducing texture sizes on distant objects.
  • Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) displays are now supported.
  • Fixed crash that could occur on approach at low altitudes in some cases.
  • Fixed driver hang caused by the ATC window in some cases.
  • Fixed crash when closing camera preview window.
  • Vehicle preview screen now shows interior model if no exterior model exists.
  • Fixed issue causing detached avatar to crash if parent vehicle crashed.
  • Fixed issue causing shadow errors in SimDirector when Enhanced Atmospherics was active.
  • Multichannel host now serializes library effect mappings.
  • IsOnGround now properly set when initializing mobile scenery objects in SimDirector.
  • DLLStop is now called on all DLL plugins before being removed.
  • Fixed issues causing VR views to be out of sync.
  • Fixed issue preventing traffic from clearing in some cases.
  • Fixed issue causing invalid reflections in right eye in VR.
  • Enhanced Atmospherics is now supported in VR stereo and mono modes.
  • Fixed issue preventing AI from taking off and landing at airports in some cases.
  • Improved Enhanced Atmospherics cloud shadows.
  • Fixed issue where adjusting time preview would cause AI to spawn.
  • Fixed crash that would occur when playing a flight recording from command line.
  • Fixed issue causing multiplayer session status to appear differently on client and host machines.
  • Fixed issue causing a crash to occur before user was prompted that VRAM budget was exceeded.
  • Fixed issue where reflections in right eye were one frame behind in VR single pass mode.
  • Fixed issue preventing panel mouse interaction from working in VR in some cases.
  • Reduced intensity of default landing light effect.
  • Improved AI brake behavior on sloped surfaces.
  • Additional improvements to ground contact reaction.
  • Fixed long UI load times if large amounts of add-ons were installed.
  • Fixed issue where GPS broadcast and sound in slew settings were not loaded correctly at startup.
  • Fixed issue where flight plans would reapply if currently active when pressing OK in the options screen.
  • Various Enhanced Atmospherics cloud appearance improvements.
  • Fixed application hang that would occur if VR threw an error in single pass mode.
  • Fixed issue causing vehicle select sort ordering to reverse in some cases.
  • Fixed crash that would occur if a docked view was closed while being moved.
  • Fixe issue where SimConnect_CreateEffect was not initializing PBH values.
  • Added VR cursor settings.
  • Fixed issue where terrain textures would draw on top of each other in some cases.


  • Fixed issue where right rudder could detach from vertical stabilizer in F-35A.
  • Updated TTA paint scheme.
  • Fixed various effect colors.
  • Fixed issue with incorrect sun visor transparency in the CUASE.
  • Fixed bad scenario briefing formatting seen in some resolutions.


  • Improved freeway lane textures.
  • Fixed issue preventing AI push back from occurring.
  • Fixed various water data issues.
  • Updates to several airports and surrounding areas including KSAN, KPVD, KXNA, and KTRI.
  • Fixed VMMC taxiway elevation issues.
  • Fixed various bridge issues.


  • Fixed issue with FX tool not loading certain values from effect files in some cases.
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