Prepar3D v6.1 доступен для загрузки


А вдруг 😁 есть еще тут фанаты этого симулятора? Ведь не бросают, развивают, значит это надо кому-то еще, хотя признаться честно, после MSFS 2020 данный сим ушел в закат. Но может есть у него еще шанс?

Список обновлений

General Platform Updates

New Features

  • Added support for FSR2 and DLSS/DLAA. Note: DLSS/DLAA is only available with Nvidia 2000 series cards or above.
  • Added Resolution Scaling support for image upsampling and supersampling.
  • Added screen space reflections (SSR).
  • Added Contrast Adaptive Sharpening (CAS).
  • Current flight plan is now saved and loaded with flight recordings.
  • Updated various tree models to highly detailed 3D versions with wind support.
  • Added LoadFlightPlanAction to SimDirector allowing for flight plan to be loaded for ownship or player objects.
  • Added two-sided thin shading model allowing for greater detail in tree rendering.
  • Rotor wash is now supported on vegetation.
  • Precipitation effects are now supported on vegetation.
  • Improved performance for autogen vegetation including LOD support.
  • Added additional terrain detail textures.
  • Glide path angle is now calculated and available through GPS system.
  • Added runway transition support to arrivals.
  • Updated navdata from the FAA’s Coded Instrument Flight Procedures (CIFP).

Fixes and Improvements

  • Improved night vision sensor effect visuals.
  • Additional airport fixes and airport surface improvements.
  • Various updates to global scenery, helipads, and airport building textures.
  • Fixed terrain spike in French southern Antarctic.
  • Fixed several terminal building and parking issues at KDTW and KOAK.
  • Added 2D panel windows for F-16 LMFD, RMFD, and DED panels.
  • Various updates to scenery models in major global cities.
  • Fixed windshield effect for various default aircraft.
  • Fixed flattening polygon issue in Australia and KTEX, and Telluride.
  • Golden gate bridge is now PBR.
  • Improved patch installation times.
  • Fixed detail texture sampling issues when camera is far away from its initial starting point.
  • Added Prepar3D.cfg option to disable blacking out 3D views when entering the UI.
  • Fixed issue where calculating flight plan would override user cruising altitude values.
  • Fixed issue where restoring bypassed legs in flight plan would not reconnect flight plan points.
  • Fixed issue where multiple direct-to calls on procedure points would not set the active waypoint correctly.
  • Improved TAA performance.
  • Opening the Fuel and Payload screen no longer pauses the simulation.
  • Navigation log now updates procedure points.
  • Fixed issue where navigation log wouldn’t update on scenario load.
  • Fixed cases where parts of SIDs and STARS were being skipped with certain transition IDs.
  • Scenery Library layers can now be modified using a numeric text box.
  • Improved Scenery Library drag and drop layer changing performance.
  • Fixed bug preventing runway transitions flagged as both would not load.
  • Fixed bug where runway fix would not load for some approaches.
  • Improved shader compilation handling at runtime.
  • Fixed issue where adding new objects in SimDirector could cause visualization graph to rearrange nodes when automatic graph layout was disabled.
  • Fixed blend mode issue that could cause certain materials to become overly bright.
  • Fixed issue where invalid waypoints in flight plan could prevent remaining valid points from connecting properly.
  • Fixed issue that could cause layering issues with certain add-on airports.
  • Fixed timing issues with Select Airport screen that could cause incorrect airport from being selected in some cases.
  • Improved rendering performance of virtual cockpit only views.
  • Tuned PAPI light intensities.
  • Improvements to bloom appearance when using TAA.
  • Fixed emissive script behavior for legacy PBR materials that could lead to washed out textures at night.
  • Various fixes to ATG radar system including issues with beam heading and FOV settings.

Fixes and Improvements (Professional Plus Only)

  • Additional updates to better support Varjo mixed reality headset features.
  • Fixed issue with effects not drawing on multiple displays connected to the same multichannel client.

Prepar3D SDK

New Features

  • Day/Night, Sun/Moon, Exposure, and Emissive interpolant values are now accessible through the PDK.
  • Added depth of field support through camera configuration and PDK.
  • Added “Camera Facing Normals” flag to PBR material.
  • Added “Has Pixel Movement” flag to PBR material.
  • Added additional GPS variables including:
    • FlightPlanWaypointApproachAltitude2
    • FlightPlanWaypointArrivalAltitude2
    • FlightPlanWaypointDepartureAltitude2
    • FlightPlanWaypointApproachAltitudeDesc
    • FlightPlanWaypointArrivalAltitudeDesc
    • FlightPlanWaypointDepartureAltitudeDesc
    • FlightPlanWaypointApproachGlidePathAngle
    • FlightPlanWaypointArrivalGlidePathAngle
    • FlightPlanWaypointDepartureGlidePathAngle
    • FlightPlanWaypointMagneticVariation
    • FlightPlanApproachWaypointMagneticVariation
    • FlightPlanArrivalWaypointMagneticVariation
    • FlightPlanDepartureWaypointMagneticVariation
    • FlightPlanApproachRemoveLegIndex
    • FlightPlanArrivalRemoveLegIndex
    • FlightPlanDepartureRemoveLegIndex
    • FlightPlanApproachDirectToLegIndex
    • FlightPlanArrivalDirectToLegIndex
    • FlightPlanDepartureDirectToLegIndex
    • FlightPlanApproachDirectFromLegIndex
    • FlightPlanArrivalDirectFromLegIndex
    • FlightPlanDepartureDirectFromLegIndex

Fixes and Improvements

  • Adjusted Weather Radar sample scale of precipitation in volume cloud to better align weather radar values between volume clouds and legacy clouds
  • Fixed several typos in Learning Center CIGI, SimConnect, and window plugin documentation.
  • Moved several post processes from core to SDK as samples.
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