Тут SODE обновили

Тут SODE обновили

12.05.2020 0 Автор Алексей

И заодно SODE VDGS PACK – купить его можно тут. Демо версию можно затестить в аэропорту Cebu Mactan Intl Airport, RPVM, Philippines.

Что касается SODE – список изменений ниже

Version 1.7.0
  • General
    • A SimObject depending on weather data (e.g. WindDirection, WindSpeed) which is however not listed in the ClientList of the EnvironmentalDataProbe or the EDP has not been loaded, the SimObject will not be injected anymore by SODE. This is visible in the log file.
    • Fixed a bug where the 3D sound position was not updated in certain conditions (e.g. resulting in no jetway sound audible)
    • Automatic reset of parking position objects when aircraft moves away now also supports VDGS-only parking positions (i.e. without a jetway)
    • Fixed crash during SimBubble update when moving out/in of airport areas
    • Fixed removal of unwanted objects during a untimely SimBubble update
    • SimBubble update (reset of all objects) is now better coordinated with the jetway control system: It will wait until all jetway animations are aborted before removing the jetway
    • Log file output cleaned up and formatting unified
  • Jetway Control System
    • Complete re-write of the AI aircraft jetways handling logic, fixing several bugs which have lead to crashes within SimObjectAnimationModule.dll
    • More aggressive swapping of dynamic back to static jetway model in case of AI aircraft removal/reset
    • Improved AI detection handling leading to faster jetway assignment
    • Fixed bug where a linked SimObject’s position was not updated correctly during animation
    • Enhancements done to SODE-GSX-API to support triggering of jetways to AI for GSX
  • VDGS
    • Added 7 new supported aircraft types: E175, E195, DH8D, AT72, BCS1, BCS3, SU95 (SODE VDGS Pack 1.1)
    • Added “old” Honeywell VDGS unit support (SODE VDGS Pack 1.1)
    • VDGS Pack version is now displayed in the SODE menu
  • Installer
    • Added support for non-standard location of SimConnect.dll on some systems (Detection of SimConnect installation)

Ну и список изменений


VDGS Pack v1.1 adds the “old” Honeywell VDGS unit and supports 7 additional aircraft types (E175, E195, DH8D, AT72, BCS1, BCS3 and SU95).

It is a free update and will install over 1.0 when you run the 1.1 installer. Also the installer for the required SODE 1.7.0 is included.

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