Active Sky XP 12


HiFi Simulation выпустили открытую бету погодника для X-Plane 12. Данный продукт является бесплатным обновлением для всех тех, у кого куплен ASXP. Может дождемся мы когда Asobo откроют лазейку для них и будет в MSFS тоже хороший кастомный погодник 😊

  • бла-бла-бла
    • Active Air Effects Enhances internal X-Plane turbulence and air effects, providing enhanced turbulence, drafts, thermals, terrain-based wind effects, surface friction, gusts, variability, wake turbulence, microbursts and more (XP12 includes internal wake turbulence, AS Wake turbulence enabled for XP11 only – Some effects may be limited/unavailable in XP12).
    • High-Performance Weather Depiction Uses internal X-Plane cloud depiction for maximum performance and smoothness – VR compatible and optimized!
    • Active Sky Weather Engine An evolved version of the Active Sky platform brings the core features that made Active Sky the leading weather engine for other platforms: Advanced weather synthesis and interpolation, high-resolution global winds aloft, realistic air and atmosphere effects, a comprehensive weather data network, integrated visual mapping and planning, and much, much more
    • Voice Weather Delivery Active Sky ATIS and Flightwatch are available at any time by listening on 122.00, 122.02 or 122.03 for closest station, actual/current interpolated conditions and destination weather reports, respectively
    • Mobile Companion App Use any device/browser to connect with Active Sky over your network and view and control the weather
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