AgustaWestland AW109


Agusta AW109 Hirundo (ласточка) / AW109 Power / Grand / Grand New — семейство лёгких многоцелевых вертолётов, спроектированных итальянской фирмой «Агуста» (AgustaWestland) в конце 1960-х годов. Первые поставки вертолётов начались в 1976 году. За период с 1976 по 2000 год было поставлено 576 вертолётов разных модификаций в различные страны мира. В 1972 году на базе Хирундо началась разработка лёгкого боевого и разведывательного вертолёта Agusta A129 Mangusta.

3D Model
  • Accurate modeling of both interior and exterior
  • Detailed and fully articulated rotor head
  • Per-livery configurable accessories (antennas, camera, step)
  • Fully animated cockpit elements (all switches, knobs, buttons, circuit breakers and controls)
  • Separate controls for console, pedestal and overhead lights (with night and day mode)
  • Separate controls for position, anti-collision, taxi, landing and search lights
  • Animated doors
Instruments and controls
  • Full digital instrument panel (3D cockpit and popup mode)
  • dual EDU (with standard and reversionary mode)
  • dual RTU
  • mission display (currently implemented functions: digital map and front facing camera view)
  • four EFIS (two PDF, two ND) – Synthetic vision for PFD, relative
  • elevation map for ND, with country borders, airspace, airways, traffic (obstacles require user provide database examples for UK and US-NY provided)
  • standby instrument advanced weather radar available as free download for Windows and Linux
  • Dual audio control panel
  • Functional circuit braker panel, fuel management panel, overhead panel, pedestal panel
  • Functional switches, and buttons on cyclic and collective grips
  • Aural warning system (incl. TAWS and TCAS)
  • Crew alerting system for EDU and EFIS
  • Four channels autopilot with ILS and RNAV capabilities
  • SAS, ATT and all upper modes selectable
  • Flight planning using AIRAC procedures (user updatable)
  • Custom FADEC with fully automatic engine start sequence (manual start possible)
  • OEI training mode
  • Engine load sharing with selectable Torque or TOT priority
  • Torque limiter and power limiter
  • Auto hovering and auto take off (Transition Up mode)
Flight model
  • Realistic performances across most of the envelope (mercilessly tested by three real-life pilots AND X-Plane simmers)
  • Autorotation
  • VRS (native in XP11, custom implementation in XP12)
  • Four liveries provided
  • Paint kit available as free download
  • Quick guide (pdf)
  • Tutorials (pdf)
  • Checklist (pdf)
  • Manufacturer’s quick reference videos for EFIS apply almost 1:1 for supported functions.
Support for both XP12 and XP11
Помощь с покупкой дополнений, подписок и т.д
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