AW139 5.02 для X-Plane 12


AgustaWestland AW139 – двухмоторный многоцелевой вертолёт. Разработан компанией «Agusta» с использованием несущей системы, двигателей и трансмиссии вертолёта А129. Так же в разработке вертолета принимала участие Bell Helicopters и вертолёт должен был выйти под обозначением Agusta-Bell AB139, однако после выхода из проекта компании Белл был переименован в AW139 . AW 139 — единственный вертолёт в своей весовой категории, который может развивать крейсерскую скорость до 309 км/ч. Первый полёт состоялся в феврале 2001 года.

AW139 Changelog
Added X-Plane 12.1 full compatibility, all scripts recompiled to XLua 1.3.0r1 and LuaJIT 2.1 rules
Added new internal and external lights, rebuilt in Blender in the new X-Plane 12 format
Added new ranges, symbols, text, weather and terrain on MAP mode HSI, now everything is fine
Added required payloads on Plane Maker 12, now we have proper stations and refined weights
Added joystick sensitivity dataref for AP1/2 instead of deprecated joystick augment datarefs*
Added new engine model, now matching core parameters to the hair
Added new VGP flight director, now capturing and following RWY waypoints (↓) with new datarefs
Added new beauty effects on cabin glasses for rain and wipers
Added updated Epic Primus™ Phase 7 with MAP, PLAN, SYSTEM modes and sub-menus
Fixed oil alert triggers, as they were changed by new engine model X-Plane 12
Fixed Power index (PI) indicator not showing TQ as the main limiting factor over NG and ITT
Fixed landing gear, weight & balance, CG as they were messed up by X-Plane 12
Fixed transponder found in MODE C at startup, now it’s in STBY by default
Fixed bus tie always open when starting with engines on
Fixed FMOD sounds unmatching the overhauled engine model
Fixed low brightness on Forward with HUD view
Fixed right torque arrow invisible with left engine off
Fixed some lights working even with battery off
Fixed 102% switch not working anymore in X-Plane 12
Fixed wing-level function of CLTV/YAW to avoid roll trims over 3°
Fixed CLTV/YAW trim working on ground
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