IXEG 737 Classic v1.3

IXEG 737 Classic v1.3

24.05.2020 0 Автор Алексей

Обновили “классику” для X-Plane. Релиз только для 11-го плейна и версий 11.41 и новее. Для тех кто пользует 10-ку, используйте предыдущие версии. Скачивать в личном кабинете 😊

What's New / Changed:

Bug fixes:

  • Stopped “brakes” helping with turns if no rudder pedals installed
  • Fixed turnoff lights lighting up the MCP
  • Fixed Standby Power logic
  • Disabled engine reverse thrust when fire handle pulled
  • Removed option for “show vortices” which doesn’t work with XP11
  • Fixed stall warning test not working on ground
  • Fixed external view not accessible if watching a saved replay


  • Adjusted flightmodel to work best with the “new experimental flight model” option enabled (disabled works too, but less accurate)
  • Switched ground model to default for XP11 users (better handling of engine failures)
  • Adjusted “runway shake” effect to not move viewpoint too much
  • Adjusted sensitivity for altitude and vertical speed manipulators when mouse-dragging
  • Increased intensity of landing, taxi and runway turnoff lights
  • Several updates/polishing of cockpit 3D (smoothing, better material, etc.)
  • Improved import ability for different company route formats
  • Updated shape of optional “winglets”
  • Removed logo light lens if winglets enabled (it was still peeking through in places)
  • Updated mesh of engines and fan animations
  • Improved representation of flight controls (avoid spoilers popping up), gear lever animation and weird sounds in cockpit during replays
  • Enabled basic “hot start” functionality if fuel introduced at (way) too low N2
  • Improved windmilling start behaviour (now works for lower N2s)


  • Added grab and move around flashlights(white) and maplights(red)
  • Added mousewheel support to all twistable manipulators
  • Added TAI ON WITH TAT ABOVE 10C warning to FMC
  • Added “altitude reminder dials” on CPTs and FO yoke
  • Added option to disable/assign button to “pop out” IXEG menu
  • Added option to disable/assign button to “view presets” IXEG menu
  • Added option to increase/decrease EHSI preview popups
  • Added option to totally remove EHSI preview popups
  • Added option slider to adjust yoke height
  • Engines now windmilling on ground if wind strong enough
  • Added default support (and option) for AviTab integration
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