King Air 350 от AirFoilLabs обновили до версии 1.1

King Air 350 от AirFoilLabs обновили до версии 1.1

19.05.2019 0 Автор Алексей

Говорят что это один из лучших и реалистично сделанных самолетов для X-Plane 11. не юзал, утверждать не буду. Но главное что после релиза его разработчики не забросили, и выкатили обновление исправляющее много ошибок и добавляющее новых опций. Приобретается самолет здесь.

New Features

  • VNAV mode during RNAV FMS approaches implementation
  • Custom situation saving/loading
  • Aircraft configs disabled during flight
  • Quick weight and balance settings
  • Provide commands to hide/show individual 2D panels

Change Log

  • FMS interaction causing X-Plane crashes
  • [XJet] Severe [KA350/LuaAvionicComponent] Error executing update function on component: FMS
  • EADI, EHSI, MFD display function fixes
  • Display autopilot modes fixes
  • The synchronisation functionality of the two propellers
  • Props out of sync sound
  • Engine reverse, N1 too low + smoother prop pitch transitions
  • Wind sound too quite
  • Sound initialisation fix
  • Random power/prop ration difference
  • Baggage doors animation correction
  • FMS keys numbers 1, 2 or 3 output 0 instead
  • Custom pressurisation system
  • Pilots oxygen masks valve
  • Yoke animation related to autopilot fix
  • Engaging autopilot: shaking (in air) and strange yoke position fix
  • After disconnect AP excessive pitch
  • AP in ALT mode fix
  • Engine hot start ITT too low
  • Continued click sound fix
  • Bus tie sound logic fix
  • Copilot chrono ET mode
  • Hide LE, RE, landing gear when possible for better performance
  • Fuel flow units in indicators
  • Map mode on navigation display stays on north
  • FMOD error in the log
  • Altitude / Torque / ITT / N1 / Speed / climb relations fixes
  • Could not resolve property: EHSI Range Sel Raw
  • Altitude set instrument driven by sim/cockpit/autopilot/altitude
  • Set elevator trim to takeoff position in before takeoff config aircraft configuration
  • Hide fuel truck, GPU, steps when towing
  • X-Camera compatibility
  • Elevator authority weak in slow speed
  • KA 350 1.0 Vmc roll doesn’t happen
  • Problem with GPU disconnecting, GPU strobe light
  • Altimeters (Pilot/Copilot) mouse wheel unit snap
  • Disable cinema verite while walking
  • Weight and fuel separate saving
  • Raise the limit – aircraft is moving / aircraft is still
  • Implement default yoke show/hide command
  • Gravity line drain mirrored textures
  • The pitch trimtab animation on the tail elevator
  • Landing gear, engine, foreign black object
  • Corrupted UI-settings.json prevents from opening 2D panels again
  • Entry door could be opened during flight.


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