Обновление Арбуза!


Компания разработчиков FlightFactor, выпустила новое обновление самолёта Airbus A320. Релизная версия достигла наименования 1.2.9

Список изменений включает в себя все изменения ранее выпущенных бета версий и выглядит следующим образом:
— Huge optimization for better overral FPS;
— Better EFB performance;
— HOLDs full functionality;
— Implemented PROG REPORT page;
— Added house liveries;
— EFIS Baro mode sync;
— RAD NAV page save/load;
— Added possibility to enter a DIST in OTHER ALTN to get preliminary fuel predictions;
— Flight controls tuning;
— ALTERNATE PAGES completed;
— INIT B page (and FUEL PRED): ALT/TIME value computes for selected ALT airport;
— INIT B page (and FUEL PRED): New s-pad messages were added;
— Stored waypoints limitation has increased to 40.

— Fixed flight plan sequencing with holding patterns on arrival or go-around route;
— DIR-TO page contains identical points if holding pattern ahead;
— T-P position is not continuously updated on temporary flight plan;
— Plane sometimes freezes when using EFB in external browser;
— INIT A — ground temperature isn’t selectable. There wasn’t a possibility to enter ground temperature manually. Automatic ground calculation according to airport height;
— PROG page Required accuracy had no posibilitty to be entered manually;
— INIT B page (and FUEL PRED): the MIN DEST FOB cannot be erased or changed;
— INIT B page (and FUEL PRED): the ALTN-Fuel stays empty and isn’t being calculated by the MCDU. Also cannot be entered or erased manually;
— INIT B page (and FUEL PRED): EXTRA-fuel value isn’t correct computed;
— Airways page is scrollable. Insert and erase buttons don’t appear at last line;
— SEC doesnt not take pitch control when ELAC is not engaged;
— Returned X-RAAS win.xpl.

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