Rotate MD-11 v1.09


Для хорошего самолета выкатили большое обновление. Далее под спойлером

Список обновлений

Here is the complete changelog:

Added pop up windows for screen displays.
Added native support for Apple Silicon architecture.
Implemented MIN PROF field in STAR page for RNAV procedures.
Implement FMS SPD deceleration select/preselect safeguards during approach.
Show FMC calculated IAS values for deceleration configurations.
Improved VNAV descent prediction during non-clean configuration.
Improved VOR interception accuracy.
Tuned landing roll brakes deceleration.
Added VERT ALERT annunciation in FMA when approaching T/D.
Filter airports displayed by runway length.
Reset CLB/ACCEL FMC fields.
HDG SEL (pull) must allow edition of the heading target until <3º difference.
Pushing FMS SPD (with no wheel change) resets to ECON.
Added warning and logging for route loading process.
Improved LED lighting of LCD displays.
Inhibit DEFINED WAYPOINTS deletion when used in the flight plan.
TCAS TA Only mode should be engaged automatically on ground and below 1000AGL.
Improved manipulation of ELF switch.
Reorder SID/STAR listing after applying filters.
Reset ADG with maintenance button.
Reduced dirt on windshield texture.
Fixed FMS SPD indication glitch during climb at cross-over altitude.
Fixed a problem with navaid selection with duplicate names.
Fixed AFS pitch limits during SOP.
Fixed a problem when transitioning from PROF to ALT HLD/SOP during descent.
Fixed navaid DESELECT for ILS navaids.
Fixed APPR/ILS guidance response when signal is not available.
Fixed HDG turn direction problem when crossing 0.
Fixed HDG bug reset after being hidden.
Fixed AP1/AP2 annunciator in FMA during dual land.
Fixed a bug in bank limit during non curved transition.
Fixed FMS SPD target rising above approach speed below 100AGL in some cases.
Fixed draw order of flight director bars in PFD.
Fixed Aircraft floating over the runway during autoland in XP11.
Fixed DME only stations not showing correct data in ND.
Fixed ATS too responsive during cruise.
Fixed compatibility problems with A Pilot’s Life and other plugins.
Fixed N2 going over red arc during TO in high altitude airports.
Fixed bug in FPA discreet stepper when going down.
Fixed problem in “fix all failures” function.
Fixed a bug in landing gear disagree lights.
Fixed a typo in stby airspeed indication.
Fixed a bug in logic of CRZ and CLB thrust mode auto-selection.
Fixed A-ICE ALL ON shown along with all other A-ICE alerts.
Fixed reverser indication color during deployment on air.
Fixed engine fire handles annunciators.
Fixed INSERT in ALTN AIRWAYS and HOLD pages.
Fixed command repeat in VHF freq manipulators.
Fixed model error in cabin doors window.
Fixed HDG SEL canceling NAV/VOR ARM modes.
Fixed a bug in TOGW indication.
Fixed a bug in ABS DISARM annunciator in copilot side.
Upgraded to newer Aerosoft database.

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