Rotate обновили MD-11 до v1.07


Есть тут летуны в X-Plane и пользователи данного самолета? Забирайте апдейт 😊

Список фиксов

Improved LNAV trajectory calculations.
Fixed various issues found in SID/STAR procedures LNAV display and guidance.
Improved VNAV flight path calculations and guidance.
Implemented flight path interception after early descent command.
Fixed a bug in performance predictions due to ISA deviation influence.
Fixed some FMA modes display during descent and approach.
Improved deceleration distance calculations.
Improved thrust prediction during IDLE configuration.
Fixed a bug affecting V/S mode when flying with speedbrakes extended.
Fixed a bug in AFS not acquiring VCL target after acceleration phase.
Added FMC GO AROUND page.
Fixed a bug in AIRWAYS page.
Made throttle and reverser hardware configuration more user friendly.
Added support for throttle beta/reverse axis configuration.
Allow brake commands and toe-brakes to work together.
Improved product license check to eliminate unnecessary activation requests.
Fixed altitude clearance enforcement in T/O CLAMP mode.
Fixed center landing gear geometry.
Fixed landing gear bogie tilt.
Fixed a bug in navaids auto-tuning system.
Fixed a bug in Fuel Tail Management System.
Fixed a bug in temperature dissipation through Fuel System components.
Fixed a bug in engine EGT indication.
Fixed a bug in ILS selection by frequency in NAV/RAD page.
Fixed a bug in Autobrake ARM TO warning.
Fixed a bug in CG calculation (XP12 only).
Fixed aircraft sometimes sitting on tail on startup.
Fixed indications in ND during ND alignment.
Fixed WXR RNG and TLT indications logic.
Fixed flight time indication logic.
Fixed a bug in FIX reference info radial.
Fixed a bug in deletion function deleting the wrong waypoint.
Fixed a bug in HDG bug arc command.
Fixed a bug in AFS that prevented transition from LOC ARM back to NAV.
Fixed a bug in overspeed protection.
Include FMC slope/wind FMC fields in Situations presets.
Fixed a bug in HDG bug indication during LOC mode.
Fixed a bug in ND aircraft icon during TRK mode.
Fixed a bug that affected reception and audio control of navaids morse signals.
Fixed TCAS symbols showing outside the HDG arc in ND.
Added dashes to altimeter readout above +/- 3000fpm.
Removed navaid information in ND for auto-tuned navaids.
Fixed a bug in CAB PRESS RATE indication.
Improved compatibility with Better PushBack plugin.
Fixed problem with VRAM usage in VR floating windows.
Tuned exterior and cockpit lights (XP12 only).
Improved wing-flex animation.
Removed excessive dirtiness from engine smoke.
Fixed animations in copilot MCDU keys.
Fixed some visual errors in cockpit.



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