TOLISS AIRBUS A319 для X-PLANE 12 и 11


Завезли обновленного “Толика” с поддержкой новоиспеченного XP-12. Владельцам предыдущей версии этот отдадут за EUR 10.99.

EUR 89.99
  • Внушительный список обновлений
    • Introduction of the Interactive Audio Control Panel to manage ground services, doors, passengers, loading etc.
    • Introduction of custom EFB (currently for detailed weight analysis for the flight.)
    • ACARS functionality: SimBrief flight plan import directly into the FMGS, TO Performance computations and wind upload (from SimBrief plan.)
    • New fully custom engine model for a highly accurate engine performance and new engine specific failure modes
    • Third engine option: CFM56-5B7 which provides more thrust for operations in mountainous terrain.
    • Implementation of over 120 circuit breakers to cut power to certain systems.
    • Added “resettable failures” to the failure system as well as new failure modes, with now a total of more than 210 failure modes you can simulate.
    • Addition of the offset function in the FMGS
    • More than 70 new ECAM messages covering new computer faults such as dual FWC or dual SDAC faults, anti ice system faults, new engine faults etc.

    Detailed list of features:

    Highly complex FMGS:

    • SID/STAR and airways support in a fully custom FMGS backbone supporting all A424 leg types (Arc, course or heading to intercept, Radius to Fix, Holdings, etc.)
    • Active, alternate, 2 temporary as well as secondary flight plans
    • 2 completely independent MCDUs and autopilots
    • Pilot item database for custom fixes, navaids, flight plans and runways
    • Full VNAV guidance with TOC, TOD, Deceleration point, speed limits, fuel prediction, and consideration of speed and altitude constraints etc.
    • Support for go-arounds and diversions
    • Step altitudes
    • Offset function
    • Satellite availability model, including prediction for specific places and times
    • Nav Aid autotuning
    • Flight plan saving via the Pilot routes page
    • Equitime point computation
    • Nearest airports page
    • ACARS function to simulate flight plan, TO Data and Wind upload from ground station using SimBrief data.

    Accurate systems:

    • ToLiss Fly-by-wire and autopilot module, with support for Alternate and Direct Law
    • Unique feature: Control Surface hinge moment modelling allows the surfaces to float to the appropriate position after loss of all actuators on a surface.
    • Fault injection interface allowing to inject custom selected failures, or randomly selected failure based on fault probabilities with over 210 failure modes available.
    • Custom TCAS with resolution advisory function.
    • Terrain on ND and Weather radar available (WX radar works with default X-plane weather engine)
    • Brake temperature model based on the detailed physics of heat transfer between the individual brake components
    • Hydraulics model in which the pressure is dependent on usage. This is most notable when dropping to RAT mode
    • Detailed model of each ADIRU including alignment, small pressure sensor differences between the units, switching of sources for PFDs
    • Custom air conditioning model supporting high altitude operations at airports like Cusco in Peru or La Paz in Bolivia without spurious warnings
    • Flight warning system with ECAM actions supporting numerous system failure scenarios, e.g. engine failures, generator failures, hydraulic failures.
    • Custom indicating system including DMC and SDAC simulation.

    Eye- and ear-candy:

    • Detailed 3D cockpit
    • 3d exterior model with CFM and IAE engine
    • Choice between classic wingtip fences or modern sharklets (controlled via livery names), this also affects aircraft performance
    • Custom sounds from Turbine Sound Studios (TSS) included for all engines
    • Integration of X-plane 12 native rain effects.

     Useability features:

    • Situation loading and saving. It is possible to save the flight at any point in time and resume it another day. This can also be used, e.g., to save the position just before approach and practice just the approach many times.
    • Autosaving allows recovering where you left off, should the X-Plane session end unexpectedly.
    • Jumping waypoint-to-waypoint through the cruise phase: Shorten your flight to focus on the more interesting parts as you like.
    • Integrated takeoff performance calculator supporting the use of flex temperature.
    • 4 different start-up configurations from Cold and Dark to engines running and ready to go
    • In-screen popup displays or use of x-plane windows for popups
    • Interactive audio control panel to change ground services, fuel, loading, passengers etc. without breaking immersion
    • Electronic flight bag on both sides with Avitab integration and a weight and balance computation screen. (More features to come with updates)


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