TOLISS AIRBUS A321 V1.5 (Build 1551)


Говорят что обновление завезли для 321-го

Чейнджлог на буржуйском
Here is the full list of changes for V1.5:
Changes from V1.4.1 (build 1524):
Major new features:
– Adapted cockpit and cabin lighting to XP12.00 status
– EFB TO performance calculator for detailled TO performance calculation considering Anti Ice, Packs, etc.
– EFB LDG performance calculator including METAR retrieval (X-plane 11 and X-plane 12 built-in weather) for user-selectable airport
– EFB interactive checklist page with user-customizable checklists via xml files.
– CPDLC integration based on the Hoppie network
– AOC functions for Pre-departure clearance and ATIS/METAR/TAF requests in the Hoppie network
Minor new features:
– Adapted flight physics to XP12.00 status
– Added icing model to our custom engine model
– Added option to always use the simbrief wind data for wind requests (independent of x-plane WX setting)
– ACP PA knob is now independent on the different ACPs for better procedure following
– NEO specific feature: Multifunctional runway lights selectable via ISCS
Bug fixes:
– Fixed cabin air temperature computation with a passenger door open
– Improved the handling of scenery and AIRAC runway ID mismatch
– Retuned the XP11 take-off dynamics
– Fixed chocks logic for start with engines running
– Improved anti-ice operation in XP12
– Selecting an RNP value of 0.3NM or less with an RNAV approach will make it an RNP-AR approach
– Improved glide slope capture behaviour
– Improvements to Direct To function with abeam points
– Outer transfer valves are now closing with IACP refuelling
– Fixed LG extension inhibit above 260kts
– Removed “SPD DO NOT USE” message for SEC 2 or SEC 3 faults
– Improved Flap track fairing geometry
– Fixed mouse lag once and for all
– Fixed overlaying fast and slow blades in the engines

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