VisualXP v1.1.8b4


Еще один погодник обновили для совместимости с крайней версией плейна. Не знаю что за зверь, но вдруг кому-то будет полезно. Что интересно, этот продукт можно купить с разным составом опций (Ultimate, Premium, и Basic) и стоимость будет соответственно от $9.99 до $25.97

Различие версий

We have Three Variation of VisualXP, which we called them “Plugin Levels” these plugins level are “Ultimate, Premium, and Basic”.

The Ultimate version will include all features of VisualXP, while the other levels have some limitations which are explained as follow:

The Premium level has the mentioned features except for the “Scenery” Tab (Lights functions and sliders) and the “Weather Briefing” tab which is included in the Weather Master Tab.
The Basic level will have an Atmosphere, and Clouds Only.


v1.1.8b4 (BETA) 16-Sep-2023 **Attention Please delete the old version completely before installing this version.

Remaining Multi-Screen CTD. solved! (Please check and confirm)
Receiving Data from the server, added two connection methods, if the First method fails, the Second should not fail, if it does, then there may be a firewall issue on your PC.
Replacing the Lights file validator with Auto Installer, the Lights file will be installed automatically and no need to restart X-Plane, if the Auto Installer fails, the user can install the Lights file manually.
The manual Lights Sliders disappeared on the previous version, sliders have been restored!
Minor increase on the limits of Lights Fog sliders.

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