Доступна для загрузки очередная бета. Чейнджлог под спойлером

Список обновлений
  • panel/always_render art control
  • XPD-14718 – Missing OBJs of new fire extinguishers
  • XPD-14670 – Icing effect doesn’t properly take thermal sources into account
  • XPD-14689 – Window icing glows in the dark
  • XPD-14692 – Rain on windshield visible in “forward with nothing” view and disabled windshield effects
  • XPD-14673 – Hot Start CL650 crashes on startup due to a previously writable X-Plane dataref having been changed to read-only
  • XPD-14717 – Aircraft Class in Analytics Needs to be Untranslated
  • XPD-14721 – New Gateway/Global airports recut!
  • Further tuning of pitch-down effect upon wheel spin-up
  • XPD-14729 – Thousands of new log warnings
    • Fixes flood of iCCP: known incorrect sRGB profile in log.
  • XPD-14716 – FMOD event velocity is apparently set the same as the vehicle velocity
    • FMOD events in the past did not take rotational velocities into consideration but now they do!
  • Fix fuel temperature NaN on airplanes that don’t have wings:
    • This fixes the NaN crash on the NHadrian planes that only use misc wings and no wings 1-4.b
  • Fix OpenXR Frustum Junk Data:
    • VR Frustum and Interaxial are no longer junk for the first few frames if the HMD isn’t ready to render just yet

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