X-Plane 12.0.8 – релиз


Обновляйтесь кому надо ✈️😊

Primary X-Plane 12.0.8 Changes

Engine model improvements
Landing gear physics (Wheel Inertia, Weld Modeling and ABS Revisions)
New fuel temperature model
Networking and Ex-Visual sync updates and bug fixes
Projector warping/blending improvements
Graphics bug fixes
Systems changes
ATC bug fixes and tweaks
Changelog – RC1
XPD-14787 – Assertion failed when landing or loading Skyhawk float plane on solid ground.
XPD-14786 – Crash when popping up ATC window at EGPR.
XPD-14779 – Tons of PNG iCCP warnings with zibo & 12.0.8-beta2.
XPD-14775 – Bug report “Complement to my last submission “impossible to push back.
XPD-14554 – Tips during load don’t rotate anymore.
XPD-14774 – Performance Regression reading “sim/aircraft/view/acf_livery_path”.
XPD-14750 – Bug report “Carrier snaps and violently pulls aircraft to catapult location when taxing close”.
XPD-14631 – Bug report “Freezing mode is not working properly”.

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