X-Plane 12.1.0 | RC1


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Public Beta - 12.1.0 RC1
⚠️ Please check your anti-aliasing settings (MSAA/FXAA) after the upgrade!
• Updated landmarks for Las Vegas. We hope to see and meet you at FlightSimExpo 2024
•Updated airport library with new objects (antennas, radars and water towers)
Bug Fixes
•XPD-14831 – Stationary aircraft causes water spray particles emit
•XPD – 15149 – Bug report “Van’s RV10 – Menu button on the MFD does not work
•XPD-15248 – No “rotorwash” particle effects during replay
•XPD-15417 – New beta 12.1 shows GPU error and crahes
•XPD-15431 – Entering Flight Plan route with unknown navid causes crash
•XPD-15435 – Datatrefs.txt broken in XP12 Beta
•XPD-15480 – Crash inside of the render dag when volumetric fog is enabled
•XPD-15585 – “GPU OOM on start”
•XPD-15586 – Map reports wrong true airspeed
•XPD-15631 – Translate new FXAA checkbox and accompanying tooltip/description
•XPD-15635 – G1000 dimming for night flying overriding brightness ratio dataref for thr panel the G1000 is placed in
•XPD-15651 – MSAA settings in the menu still map to what the old slider positions used to be
•XPD-15652 – Water FFT streams device memory when it doesn’t need to
•XPD-15655 – Modern collector creates extra draw calls and sorts some layers incorrectly“`
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