xEnviro 1.10 – релиз

xEnviro 1.10 – релиз

02.06.2019 5 Автор Алексей

Ну что, надеемся что с этой версией все станет гораздо лучше чем было, и ожидания многих адептов X-Plane будут вознаграждены.  Пробуем 👍👌✈🛰


  • Maximum ozone level slider.
  • Volume rendered clouds.
  • Maximum intensity slider.
  • Blur level slider.
  • Reduce surface crosswind checkbox added.
  • New alternative sun glare.
  • Checkbox to display or remove diffraction spikes.
  • Camera blue filter slider.
  • Draw default night sky checkbox.
  • Parameters for water waves adjusted to match current weather.
  • Dynamic snow coverage in the mountain areas.
  • Dynamic surface snow coverage.
  • Dark airport surface when wet.
  • Maximum snow coverage slider.
  • Wet aerodrome surface effect checkbox.
  • Draw snow in mountains checkbox.
  • Volume shadows for haze.
  • Automatic server selection based on response time.


  • Calculations for scattering, perspective and optical depth have been separated.
  • The entire scene lighting is now calculated dynamically for the key points.
  • Scenery albedo now dynamically adjusted for a better environment representation.
  • Low level haze scattering calculation allows variable particle size.
  • Turbulence slider now controls the average amount of flow disturbance.
  • ALOFT data format has been changed, sampling rate increased, vorticity data added.
  • Airport lights range has been adjusted to match the actual visibility range.
  • New rain effect.
  • New snow effect.
  • Rain and snow affected by aircraft lights.
  • Volumetric landing and taxi light beams.
  • Default surface drifting snow removed at runtime.
  • Separate windshield effects for rain and snow conditions.
  • Windshield effect now displays reflective raindrops.
  • Combined atmosphere shader adjusted to hide the DSF edge.
  • Database update has been moved to the separate thread.


  • Resolution slider has been removed.
  • Complexity slider has been removed.
  • Reflections range slider has been removed.
  • Detailed range slider has been removed.
  • Maximum drawing distance slider removed.
  • Post processing checkbox removed.
  • Remove scenery shadows under overcast checkbox removed.
  • Billboard clouds have been completely removed.
  • Crepuscular rays temporary removed.
  • Draw crepuscular rays checkbox has been removed.
  • Camera shift slider removed.


  • Assymetric projection matrix applied to the cockpit camera.
  • Camera zoom is now correct.
  • Early low resolution depth test has been removed to allow full resolution depth test.
  • Aircraft is no more in the shadow above the cloud layer.
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