Captain Sim – 767 Captain II  V0.96 для P3D5

Captain Sim – 767 Captain II V0.96 для P3D5

23.05.2020 0 Автор Aleksey

С выходом нового апдейта для Captain Sim – 767 Captain II V0.96, теперь модель поддерживает работу и в P3D5, плюс пофиксили:

VERSION 0.96 (22MAY’20)
New features:
– Installer, PBR, fx lights for P3D5.
– Inboard ailerons retract 5 degrees when the trailing edge flaps are BEYOND 25 degrees, not at 25 degrees.
– Inboard aileron droop begins at 5 degrees, not 15.
– The indication doesn’t move from Vref30+80 to Vref30+60 when Flaps 1 are extended.
– FMC fuel used is recorded incorrectly.
– ACE improved.
– The engines spool down timing improved.

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