Fly the Maddog X 64bit апдейт до 1.6b554

Fly the Maddog X 64bit апдейт до 1.6b554

13.04.2020 0 Автор Aleksey

Прибыло большое обновление для Maddog X 64bit, самое главное это конечно Shared Cockpit, но есть и другие изменения, список ниже. Для установки апдейта уже должна быть установлена версия 1.5b506. Качаем на официальном форуме, конечно же должна быть регистрация.

1.6b554 Changelog:

– code optimizations and various minor issues fixed;
– PMS not accepting block fuel >19T in MD-83 variant fixed;
– fine tuning of PBR materials and glasses transparency;

– added Shared Cockpit feature;
– added delay in FMS when recalculating vertical profile;
– new spoiler/autospoiler logic modelled with ground and flight modes;
– new spoiler lever model with flight/ground mode animations;
– added Shared Cockpit interface;
– new custom commands added;
– complete Events page overhaul, with new toggling option and auto-assignement of joystick parameters upon button press;
– new autospoiler sounds;
– all documents revised, included OM;
– OM vol.2 ch.8 Procedures guide added;
– OM vol.2 ch.8 Normal Checklist added;
– OM vol.2 ch.8 Cold Weather Operations Checklist added;
– List of Commands added;
– List of Documents added;
– ACARS tutorial added;
– PFPX Profiles added;
– Guidelines for painters added;
– Shared Cockpit Guide added.
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