FSLabs про скорое обновление A319-X / A320-X для Prepar3D v4.4


FSLabs собирается обновить свою линейку A319-X / A320-X для Prepar3D v4.4 и обязательно добавит уже полюбившиеся вкусные плюшки из A319-X в свою базовую модель A320-X. Конечно я говорю про обледенение и эффект дождя со снегом. Но этим всё не ограничится, подробности читаем ниже, поправят выявленные ошибки. А вот чего точно пока не будет это PBR, потому что нужно сделать очень много работы для переделки всей модели.

Больше информации под спойлером

— New 2017 ATSU Model features, including Load Sheets, Takeoff Performance Request, Oceanic Request, Datalink Clearance, Weather, ATIS-D, OOOI and others.
— New high definition Flight Performance Models with more precise simulation of performance, limitations and edges of the envelope handling characteristics.
— Wind data uplink
— Ice and rain simulation for the A320-X
— Reworked external model fuselage and engines for the A320-X with updated liveries
— Several GSX-related updates and improvements
— Stability fixes for FMGC dropouts
— Slat/Flap logic improvements
— DMC / FWC logic fixes and improvements
— Sound improvements and fixes
— Failure logic fixes

Будет ещё обновление A320-X для пользователей FSX / P3Dv3 оно если и не последнее, но разработчик намерен сворачивать работу по развитию моделей для устаревших платформ (FSX / P3Dv3)

Больше информации под спойлером

— AOCService:
— Fix for reading files with different encoding
— Fix for files not being recognized / crash resulting
— Minor fixes and enhancements and new file detection algorithm
— Fix for ::1 loopback address

— Fix for BPV demand logic
— Ram Air Door regulation fixed

— Air Conditioning / Pressurization:
— Several fixes for air conditioning pack logic
— Added feedback controller to pack by-pass valves for better control
— Fixed issue with trim air valves
— Cargo heat temp sensor logic improved

— Animations:
— CFM cone / disc animation timings tweaked

— A/SKID OFF ECAM message fix

— Brakes:
— ABCU 1000psi limit logic fix
— Brake temp logic improved
— Brake disc temperature logic tweaked
— Brake Disc logic updates / fixes
— Brake max deflection now relative to surface conditions

— Autobrake MED distances / deceleration tuned

— AoA sensitivity simulation logic improved

— Default options revised

— CPC:
— Fix for not saving Cabin Alt in Cruise
— Fix for takeoff elevation when slewing updates
— CAB PR LO DIFF PR logic added
— Abort mode fix

— DMC:
— MCDU OPTIONS — DMC MetricAlt option added (default OFF) for PFD
— E/WD Fuel ECAM page fix
— Fuel used logic fix
— Fix for Chrono running in Paused state
— G LOAD max 5 sec display fix
— LVR MCT message fixes

— DMC / FWC:
— Fix for HUNDRED ABOVE / MINIMUMS aurals when DH was entered and then removed

— Display Units:
— Performance / fluidity improvements

— Doors:
— Door open/close on panel state load
— Fix in slide arm logic
— Fix for door disarm during taxi

— ECB:
— Logic improvements for AUTO SHUTDOWN

— Baro switch now maintains setting through full screen/window switch

— Fix to prevent flight control lock ups in certain scenarios
— Roll limits added
— D Gain reductions with AGL logic added
— Manual pitch fix
— Added damping to ELAC roll channels to reduce aileron flutter
— Alternate & direct law logic tuning for green & yellow hyd loss (THS frozen)
— Fix for bank > 33 and overspeed roll
— Flare law elevator transition fixes

— Electrics:
— Tweaked EXT PWR load bearing significance to frequency / voltage dropout
— Fix for electric diode logic
— Fix for circular wiring logic
— Possible crash bug identified and fixed

— Engines:
— Thrust lever controls live engine only when single engine ops on ground
— Optimizations in Jet Engine class
— Fix for engine fans stopping suddenly when engine start selected
— EIU FADEC timer logic fixed
— Crank logic improvements / bug fixes
— Logic protections for total electrics loss on ground
— CFM spool rate increased

— FAC:
— Subsystem healthy/inop status logic improvements
— Rudder trim wiring fix for FAC2
— Rudder trim indication change to dashes when both FACs faulty
— SD FCTL page trim and limiter indication logic improved
— SD FCTL page Rudder Trim amber crosses no longer displayed with single FAC off
— Reactive windshear fix for dual FAC detection
— Rudder pedal tuning for improved ground handling

— Thrust rating on ground with ATHR active logic improved

— Failures:
— Added «STUCK OUTFLOW VALVE» failure

— FCU:
— Fix for FCU 100/1000 switch initializations
— Dual Failure now sets EFIS Baro to 1013/29.92
— Fix for FCU Speed Selected
— Alt sel knob pointer now lit
— Baro sel knob pointer now lit
— Fix for manual VS limit correction

— FM:
— Fix for NAV->HDG downgrade crash bug
— RNP translation fixed (requires updated nav database)
— OPT FL during CRZ CLB/CRZ DES fix
— Pause at TOD now at 20nm before TOD
— Lateral fix for nearly codirectional segment flaw during path minification
— DIR TO fixes when pseudo waypoint exists between TP and TO
— APPR PERF page fixes
— Fix for intl date line logic bug
— X424 updates for APT listing
— Radial Fix Info page RETURN logic fixed
— Crash fixes for KMIA ILS12 and associated arrival procedures
— Issue with abnormal leg ordering fixed
— LAT REV page available for legs prior to MAPT and ENABLE ALTN separation
— Fixes for transient crashes dropping calculations / predictions
— Internal memory re-pairing logic improvement (performance fix)
— Protection against abnormal conf settings during T/O and APPR phases (predictions loss)
— RAD IN / RAD OUT logic fixes
— DME-only stations now tunable in RAD NAV page
— GA Perf page logic fixes
— TERM/SEC/ALTN PLAN ND Display corrections
— CRZ ALT updated to PPOS ALT if DES is initiated while
— DIR TO list not selectable if in TMPY
— FPLN page negative distance logic improvements
— NEXT WPT operative
— NM/DIST FPLN page indication on SEC/TO WPT now PPOS-based if applicable
— FLPN page: SEC ALTN now white instead of CYAN
— ND SEC MSAP path and SEC ALTN path now white
— Lateral path logic improvements for Nav Intcpt calcs
— BLOCK PRED logic improvements
— TRANS ALT/LEVEL adjustments
— FIX INFO added
— SEC FPLN added
— Flightplanning analysis logic overhauled
— Discontinuity logic improvements
— AF logic improvements
— AIP 3600 entry now considered as track 0
— BLOCK PRED improvements
— Rule updates for arrival airport procedure logic

— FG:
— Tuning for Autopilot in ALT* modes
— Fix for LAND 3 FO and FP inhibit switches
— Flare mode logic improvements
— Autoland decrab fix
— EXP CLB with full flaps spd target 0 protection
— ATHR ihibition on ground after RTO until airborne
— Mode reversions / armed mode fixes when SRS active
— Path controller now uses GS instead of TAS for current FPA reference
— FPA calculation fixes with windy conditions

— FSL Configurator:
— Policy Ignore logic fix
— UMPolicy logic improvements
— Liveries.cfg handling logic fixed

— Logic improvements

— Frictions
— Oil-treated runway now considered asphalt

— Fuel:
— APU Fuel Pump watt consumption decreased to allow proper EMER ELEC
— Fuel leak in fuel return logic fixed
— FRV Flow rate reverted to 300Kg/h
— Fuel tank sun exposure area improvements
— Fuel Temperature model overhauled. Main features:
— Fuel Pumps affect temperature
— IDG thermal model added
— Sun power and shade logic added

— FWC:
— Fix for MAST WARN / MAST CAUT split light conditions
— WING A.ICE SYS FAULT action color corrected
— CKPT CTL ONLY logic tweak
— Galley fan spurious error condition fixed
— Fuel HI TEMP logicsheet fix
— EMER CANC button logic fix
— RCL button logic fix
— Various logicsheet fixes
— DB loading improvements
— Rx side logic fixes

— ARINC SSM settings fix

— HTTP Server:
— Support for SSL added

— Input controls:
— Rudder trim key event support added

— Keyboard selection:
— Crash bug with entering new keys if FSX not installed fixed

— Lights:
— Fix for internal overhead lights turning on from C&D with knob at OFF position
— Wing lights: Conflict causing flickers fixed
— Beacon lights: Potential fix for red glow on engine nacelles

— PERF APPR page: Extended QNH Range (inHg) corrected
— TO SHIFT added

— NavData:
— Fix for duplicates in terminal NDBs

— ND:
— TOWpt distance update logic improved
— Wind direction symbol logic fix
— Estimated Vertical Intercept along FPLN path drawn
— Terrain radar loss fix
— Compass smoothing
— TRU reference fix

— Oil Temp:
— Several logic fixes

— Overhead:
— GND CTRL switch logic fix

— PFD:
— ATHR Blue on T/O fix (redraw issue)
— Slip / beta transition smoothing
— Heading smoothing
— TRU reference fix
— FPV fix for FCU 1+2 FAULT

— Panel States:
— Center tank fuel logic improved
— Fix for states not loading correctly & various config changes
— Fuel loaded on panel state load
— ADIRUs save logic fixed
— FCU Alt Knob save logic fixed
— DU Knobs save logic fixed
— DU Dimmers default to ON
— Logic added to provide four starting point states:
as well as capability to save user-desired states for startup

— Payloads:
— Corrected issue which caused nose-high attitude

— RA:
— fix for value sometimes incorrect on landing

— Radios:
— COM Radios tune to 122.8 / 118.1 by default now

— Rudder Trim key handler logic fix

— Runways logic crash fix

— SEC:
— Roll spoilers on yellow logic fix
— Roll spoiler sync logic improvements
— Ground spoiler retraction time corrected

— DB loading improvements

— Slats half speed logic fix
— Flap angles fixed for max A320 CFM angle display

— SimConnect:
— Fix for LLA freeze logic when loading saved panel state

— Solar library:
— Sun elevation calculation improvements

— Sounds:
— Possible fix for engine start buzz saw sound
— Fix for Avionics inlet / outlet sounds playing briefly when ON GPU is selected
— PTU logic fixes
— Gear logic fixes
— Fuel pump sounds tuned
— APU Volume reverted
— Fix for multiple sound device related crash
— Fix for no audio device related crash
— 3XS (APU GEN) contactors logic fixed
— Packs logic fixed
— ADIRU Mech Horn fix

— Temp model:
— Cargo temp tuning improvements
— Duct temps in cabin tuning
— Sun heat adjustments

— THS:
— THS change rate now 1.0deg/sec with both hyds available, 0.5deg/sec
with single hydraulic channel

— Tiller
— Disconnect button message restored

— 2D Transponder panel:
— Squawk code now correctly drawn in 4K displays

— Various:
— HTTP port logic fix
— FS Time now used for wx updates

— Virtual Cockpit:
— Various small fixes and improvements
— Pedestal ACP click events updated
— Split of Display Units into own textures for fluidity
— Fixed missing shadows
— Gap in floor on captain’s side removed
— Fixed FCU / EFIS / ECP lights disappearing when switching from full screen to window mode and back

Про A321-X и Concorde-X для P3Dv4 обещали рассказать чуть позже, но работа идёт.


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